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General News of Thursday, 18 January 2018


BBC Pidgin: 'Soli' questions, den top 3 sharp-brain questions Ghanaian journalists asked

President Nana Akufo-Addo President Nana Akufo-Addo

Reactions from journalists, academics, civil society den Ghanaians for social media be say dis media encounter with President Nana Akufo-Addo be one of di poorest ever, sake of ei check like 'soli' questions nkwaa menerz go ask di President.

Radio, television den social media conversations be say some people go disgrace demma body for there.

Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) do what dem call post-event analysis of the media encounter den rank di worst questions den di best questions wey top journalists for Ghana ask di President.

Some academics for Ghana saf believe say Makola market women self go fit ask better questions pass di what happen for Flagstaff House, so make dem scrap the Presidential Media Encounter.

For di purposes of keeping demma original questions we go avoid translating di questions into Pidgin.

MFWA Top 3 'soli' questions

Gordon Asare Bediako, The New Crusading Guide

"We are in the 25th year of the 4th republic and 2012/2013, you led the NPP to the Supreme Court, the petition, I will like to find out whether the live coverage, the outcome and the immediate consensus or acceptance of the ruling is a major hallmark of the 25th anniversary of the 4th republic." Verdict by MFWA be say far, dis be di worst question of di day, ei dey lack relevance den context.

Naana Ntiri, Peace FM

"My question is, something unprecedented happened in Ghana here, that is during your first year, that is the coming in of visitors mostly Presidents. Classical example was the Emir of Qatar, President Macron and all those people coming in. In your view Mr. President, what do you think accounted for their interest in coming into Ghana, especially in your first year."

Verdict by MFWA be say although some foreign dignitaries visit Ghana, we no describe am as unprecedented. Ei check like den di journalist want use di provide opportunity give di President make he yorb about in achievements.

Prince Godfred Obeng, Ark FM

"Mr President, there is this school of thought that believe that incumbency is advantaged, disadvantaged sorry its disadvantaged and I want to have your view on that"

Verdict by MFWA be say di question not be clear. Ei dey lacked purpose den relevance as he no provide context.

MFWA Top 3 sharp-brain questions

Abdul Hayi-Moomen - Ghana Broadcasting corporation

"…In 2014, a young man known as Alema was alleged to have joined ISIS. In fact, his family confirmed that story. In 2016, security experts revealed on GBC 24; in fact they showed us evidence of how some members of ISIS were getting in touch with some young Ghanaians. Just a couple of days ago, the Ghanaian police arrested some persons with seven grenades. You didn't address that. Mr President, how safe are Ghanaians under your watch?"

Verdict by MFWA be say di question be relevant den purposeful. Di questioner give useful background den context. He no frame in question close-ended wey he ask am plus clarity.

Kwesi Pratt - The Insight Newspaper

"I would like to find out how you could have come to the conclusion that the Ministry of Trade has been cleared of the extortion allegations that were made - frivolous or otherwise - when indeed the parliamentary committee has just began its work. What is the basis of your conviction that the Ministry has been cleared of the allegations?"

Verdict by MFWA be say di question be very useful follow-up after di President try dismiss di usefulness of di on-going bipartisan parliamentary probe over di "cash for seats." Di question be clear den precise.

Bernard Avle, Citi FM

"… In February 2017 in your State of Nation address, you said and I quote the process for a comprehensive National ID System and the property titling system will be completed this year. When we met here in July 2017, you repeated the National Identification scheme will be working by the end of the year as promised and the digital address system will be functioning; end of quote. So two weeks into January, what is the state of the National ID and the mobile payment interoperability system?"

Verdict by MFWA be say di questioner provide good background den context plus quotes. E be question wey probe government in delivery on key promises den demma failure to meet deadlines wey dem announce publicly.

MFWA recommendations for future encounters be say:

- Journalists for prepare den research into demma questions with proper background den context.

- Journalists for try ask follow-up questions when President no answer some questions well

- Organisers for make more give journalists for future encounters