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General News of Friday, 23 March 2018


Ayariga offers Akufo-Addo ‘chicken change’ $20m to throw away US Military deal

Dr Hassan Ayariga, leader of the All People Dr Hassan Ayariga, leader of the All People

If all it would take for government to back out of its deal with the United States government on the establishment of a US Military base, or installation in Ghana is 20 million dollars, Ghanaians can heave a sigh of relief as Founder and Leader of the Action People Congress (APC) Hassan Ayariga has asked the Akufo-Addo government to appear and collect the money and let Ghanaians rest.

In a press conference covered by the APC Leader said he was dead serious about his challenge, if all it took for the NPP government to back out of the deal was $20 million dollars.

“Once again the Danquah Busia tradition have sold our sovereignty for chicken change of 20 million dollars. What is 20million dollars? They should come I will give them. I’m serious. If that’s what will prevent them from signing, I will give them”, he said.

In what has now become a trend for the politician, he calls a presser at Just about every key issue that comes up for discussion in the body politics, where he gives his party’s position, or more personal position on issues.

“We must note that America does not have permanent friends but only permanent interests. These Americans are dangerous. What is the basis of building military bases all over the world? We want money for One District One Factory (1D1F); we want money for agribusiness; we want money for aquaculture etc. These will bring jobs to our people. Military bases will lure terrorists to our shores to distabilize our country”, he said.

“Anyone who is conversant with the escapades of the German military bases in Mali will attest to the fact that Mali is struggling with security. The terrorists being targeted in Lybia by the Germans have turned their anger against Mali for allowing Germany to set up its base in that country. Now who can measure what threat there is to our country if the US is allowed to carry out the same activity as the Germans are doing in Mali? Do we even know exactly what the US will be doing with the base, where their targets are and the nature of their targets? We will grope in darkness if this agreement is allowed to be ratified.”, he added.