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Politics of Tuesday, 18 December 2018


Atubiga makes U-turn; refuses to show ‘available’ cheque for payment of filing fee

Having backed down from the National Democratic Congress’ flagbearership race to throw his weight behind former President John Mahama, Stephen Atubiga who noted that his reason for doing so had nothing to do with being financially constrained seemed to have proved otherwise when he was asked to back his words with action.

Speaking to several journalists after announcing his support for fellow aspirant Mahama, Stephen Atubiga among several other reasons stated that he had come with the cheque of 300,000 Ghana Cedis to file for his nomination and was ready to show it to the media upon request.

He disclosed that he had arrived at the decision after being pressed and getting into several consultations with party bigwigs as well as public opinion leaders including chief imams and his family, to withdraw from the race and back the former President of Ghana.

He explained that it was not so much of a big deal seeing that he had even served jail time in order for the latter to be President.

“… I can tell you without fear, we have our cheques ready in our bag, we have our endorsed documents… we want you to understand it was a decision that I had to listen to, as a young man that believes in consultation, dialogue… a young man that believes that it’s not about you, it’s about the party. And I believe that John Mahama stands taller than all of us…” he stated

But after being pushed to display the cheque which he promised to show, he hesitated, insisting that he owed no one any explanation considering that fact that he is already rich.

“…we have spoken, the most important thing is that we want to lead the country. I Atubiga, I have the money, I have the resources… I don’t owe anybody any money to prove, I wish the money was suit that I will wear for you people to see… I’m a rich man, I’m not a poor man.

It cost me more to money to endorse the form than even the amount of money picking it up. I have gone round throughout this whole country 275 constituencies; you spend 2000 to 5000 Ghana cedis in each constituency, you can ask all my aspirants I have gone round and come. That alone is two times more than what we’re filing.

So if that alone is not credit for people to believe me, then I’m not fit to lead this country.” He concluded