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General News of Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Attacks on Ayisi Boateng mischievously unfair - Listowell Yesu Bukarson

George Ayisi Boateng, Ghana George Ayisi Boateng, Ghana

Sections of the media have come under attacks for “over sensationalizing” comments by Ghana’s High Commissioner to South Africa, H.E George Ayisi Boateng.

Mr. Ayisi Boateng is said to have indicated that, “The job market is choked and it is highly competitive and this government is doing its best to create job opportunities [but] me for instance I told my people that it is NPP that is why I am in power so NPP man is my priority”.

He is also quoted as saying that, “My topmost priority is the problem of an NPP person before any other Ghanaian, take it or leave it and indeed I am not boasting,”

Adding, “that other members of the NPP in posts like his should endeavor to help party loyalists, saying “if I had my way any job opportunity it will go to a TESCON member”.

These comments have attracted mixed reactions from society and given extensive media coverage but former Ashanti regional Chairman of the Ghana Journalists Association, GJA, Mr. Listowell Yesu Bukarson believes that, “those attacking the High Commissioner are either hypocrites, mischievous or ignorant.

“Let the spin-doctoring and boot-licking journalism abate in this country”. He fumed.

Arguing that, “Mr. Ayisi Boateng is not a scientist or a footballer. Neither is he a farmer or a teacher. He is a politician of high repute for heaven’s sake. So if he meets with young politicians of his party, you expect him to be stupid by acting silly. Never!”

“Does he not have to speak to the needs of the party faithfuls” He queried.

“Listen, journalism has principles and ethics that must guide us all as prationers of this inky fraternity” He added.

Mr. Bukarson who lost the NPP primaries in the Builsa North Constituency, leading up to the 2016 General Elections, called on the media not to report the High Commissioner’s comments out of contest.

“The first thing you do as a journalist when you pick up a story, is the cardinal question, “So What”. Having satisfied yourself with the key question, you must look at the platform, the circumstances and the reasons for which a statement is made” He claimed.

“The High Commissioner was speaking to TESCON members. Who are the TESCON members? Was Mr. Ayisi Boateng addressing an official national event? Certainly no. He questioned.

“Let these mischievous and baseless attacks abate. Are we saying that, when one gets a government appointment, he or she fails to become a politician”? He stressed.

“We must know, and never forget that, the High Commissioner is a politician before becoming a government appointee. He is the High Commissioner because his party is in power and so he has the obligation to his party faithfuls even as he serves the nation.” He added.

“Why are we behaving like ostriches? Listen, facts are sacred, comment is free. Mr. Ayisi Boateng spoke what given the opportunity, any politician, worth his sort will say” Mr. Bukarson charged.

Mr. Bukarson called rented NDC media houses to eschew the needless agenda at trying to make a storm in a tea cup over these sincere and harmless comments by Mr. Ayisi Boateng.

“Journalism deserves better. The boot-licking journalism, got to stop” He said. He called on the opposition NDC to stop crying for the moon over these comments.

“What amazes me to the core is the attitude of the NDC in this matter. Listen to the pot calling the kettle black” He said.

“The NDC made, said and did worse things in power. The segregated and preferred known NDC goons ahead of even qualified Ghanaians in positions they never deserved”. He said

“Why they suddenly find their voices in this matter, is laughable” He said.

“Let the High Commissioner make these same comments for which he has come under these needless attacks on official government platforms, and we will all descend on him. Until then, the noise is much-a-do-about-nothing”. Mr. Bukarson emphasized.

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