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Opinions of Saturday, 7 January 2017

Columnist: Yeboah, Raymond Agbonlahor

Ardius to Adolf Hitler in Sports Ministry,Nii Lantey

Nii Lante Vanderpuye Nii Lante Vanderpuye

As a young football writer, I shall always remember Nii Lante Vanderpuye for one thing; LIES. Yes I will never forget the reign of Nii Lante as Sports Minister because he dragged the image of the office into huge disrepute, compelling many to take their dictionaries again to look for the real meaning of the title 'honourable' while discerning minds could not stand his speech; either he insults, insinuates or pass derogatory comments about others.

Hope you remember the famous cow-dung theory as well as the 'no short person will ever be president of Ghana' comment? Well these are but a few. Perhaps he is one major reason why the NDC government lost last month's elections woefully.

Apart from passing these comments and behaving in an embarrassing manner in public, just like the famous kakai stage concert he staged, Nii Lante again smeared the 'honorable' title with lies and vindictiveness such that the new generation felt the meaning of honorable is a liar. Don't be in a rush to read, I'll chronicle the major open lies by Nii Lante for all to see.

Don't be emotional, just read with an open mind. All what I am about to say were spoken words of Nii Lante. Forgive me for mentioning his name without the honorable title. You'll understand me after reading this piece and then appreciate that Nii Lante does not deserve the title 'honorable'.

Ahead of Ghana's game against Rwanda in the 2017 Afcon qualifier, Nii Lante said there was no money to buy tickets for Black Stars players to fly down and play the final group game of the qualifier with Amavubi claiming the little money at the Ministry was meant for the Black Maidens and the Paralympic team for Rio. The Black Maidens were heading for the U17 World Cup in Jordan while the Paralytic team was also leaving for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Readers, both teams have returned from their respective events and still nothing was given them. The Black Maidens had to even cry on radio that even cash to buy pads were not available when they were in Jordan. For the paralympic team, they had to rely on friends and philanthropists to make it to Rio.

So where was the money Nii Lante saved from the Black Stars game? No tickets were purchased and no bonuses were paid. Now, there was little money which was not used to buy tickets according to Nii Lante. So where did that little money as well as the bonus for the Stars go, such that both the Paralympians and the Black Maidens had to cry for public support? With this, you don't need to be told Nii Lane is a liar.

Recently, Nii Lante said the President had ordered the Ministry of Finance to pay the Black Queens. When the ladies demonstrated and petitioned the ministry, he said they will be paid in full before Christmas. Today is 6th January and they have still not been paid. Did he mean 2017 Christmas? Did the President even order the Finance Minister to effect such a payment?

Assuming without admitting that the outgoing President did, what happened to the 'befo re Christmas' deadline Nii Lante gave? Another lie. Don't be shocked yet. The real shocker awaits you. Keep reading.

Following Kwesi Nyantakyi's ascension to the FIFA Council seat, Nii Lante in an interview told Ghanaians that Kwesi Nyantakyi had informed him before the election that he (Kwesi) will step down as FA Boss if he wins the FIFA Council seat. This was a strange revelation because every level headed and rational follower of Ghana sports knew the relationship between Nyantakyi and Nii Lante.

So for Nii Lante to disclose this, some of us knew the man was lying because his attitude was in sharp contrast with Nyantakyi's and there was no way Nyantakyi could discuss his 'secret' with him.

Not long after Nii Lante's dubious disclosure, Kwesi Nyantakyi challenged him publicly to tell the whole world where and when he (Kwesi) told him (Nii Lante) that he will be surrendering his FA President seat upon assuming the FIFA Council seat.

The man who was supposed to be an honorable person and truthful coiled like a wet chicken. Our elders say truth is one but he who lies will keep lying. Nii Lante the liar was defenseless after Kwesi Nyantakyi exposed his lies. Nii couldn't defend himself. Can we call such a person honorable?

In another development, Nii Lante told the whole world on Nhyira FM that upon assuming office, Black Stars Welfare Officer Saban Quaye and Team Doctor, Dr. Baba Adamu officially petitioned him to get them their share of the Jeep Chirokees that were given the Black Stars after their 2015 exploits in Equatorial Guinea.

He said he had a written petition from the two. Saban Quaye angrily disputed the man who was supposed to be an honorable, Nii Lante, to publish the petition for all to see or see himself as a blatant liar. Sadly, Nii Lante coiled again, this time like a church mouse.

About two months ago, the Ghana Weightlifting Federation took some athletes to the International Weightlifting Championship in Malaysia where they returned with close to 20 medals. Before the team left, the federation needed just about $30,000 to support their traveling arrangements.

Myjoyonline reported that "The Black Cranes had to raise funds from the public to participate in the competition", in a story published on 26/10/16 under the headline Weightlifting: Amoah targets more medals after first Gold for Ghana.

The ministry could not get them the support but strangely enough, the minister was on Nhyira FM claiming glory for the achievement of the weightlifters' achievement.

Not long afterward, the weightlifting federation debunked his claim of supporting them to achieve that success. Nii Lante again, trying to reap what he did not sow. Well, I was not shocked because once a liar, always a liar. Nii Lante aye Koo! How do you lie to the World that you sponsored their trip to Malaysia when you did nothing about that? He said same about the National Cricket team and they also debunked.

In his maiden meeting with the Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG), Nii Lante Vanderpuye said "I'll never discuss Black Stars bonuses on air. I have to show them respect not to discuss it in public. Whatever I have to do must be discussed with them first before it comes out" That story was published on Ghana soccer net under the headline Respect: Sports Minister Nii Lante Vanderpuye will not discuss Black Stars bonuses in public.

Amazingly, Nii Lante obnoxiously discussed the subject in the media with the impudence it deserved. He was even the one to raise the subject for discussion. He discussed the bonuses of the players on TV3 and went further to project it on GTV.

If this must be the attitude and conduct of an honorable person, then everyone will not be wrong to equate the title to a LIAR.

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