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Regional News of Sunday, 24 January 2021


Angry Bosome Freho residents chase out foreign illegal miners from their lands

Illegal mining has been rampant in parts of Ghana although it is banned Illegal mining has been rampant in parts of Ghana although it is banned

Some illegal miners at Danso, in the Bosome Freho District of the Ashanti region, have been chased away from their mining site by residents of the community, in fulfillment of their last warning to them a week ago.

Late December 2020, the residents of the community hit the streets to register their displeasure with the activities of illegal miners, most of whom are foreign nationals, vowing to prevent them from destroying their lands, including their cocoa farms and their rivers.

According to an opinion leader, Opanin Kwabena Kyei, residents believe the miners are emboldened because they are getting the blessings of some chiefs from their community, as well as some politicians but they will not allow it to continue.

“Our cocoa farms and other farm produce have been destroyed, our only source of drinking water has been polluted, and the forest around it is under attack,” the residents told journalists.

They also accused the District Chief Executive Officer of Bosome Freho, Yaw Danso, of being part of the syndicate involved in giving the go-ahead to these miners who continue to destroy their lands.

But, according to a report by, Yaw Danso has denied the accusation saying it is not his responsibility to secure the Bosomtwe Range Forest Reserve, which is obviously under serious attack as a result of the illegal activities.

Making true their warning, the Concerned Citizens of Danso moved out in their numbers and chased out the miners, led by their Chairman, Opanin Kwabena Kyei.

“The Bosomtwe Range Forest Reserve and River Danne define our lives and we owe it a duty of care,” he told

He added that although they had threatened to resort to bloodshed should it require it, in their attempt to get the miners out, they however did not execute any such threats.

Their next step, he said, is to totally reclaim the land and begin farming on them.

UNESCO has said that the Bosomtwe Range Forest Reserve is home to a great diversity of wildlife and important for the survival of Lake Bosomtwe, stating that it is widely necessary for research, especially on climate change, as well as environmental education.