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LifeStyle of Friday, 10 July 2020


An abusive person makes you question your self-worth – Mys Naa Lameley

It is usually confusing to see women who are financially sound yet suffer emotional and even physical abuse from their partners. This situation, according to Mys Naa, a guest on GhanaWeb TV’s Moans and Cuddles, is when the abuser makes one question their self-worth.

Mys Naa says a woman could be earning six figures, could be earning more than their spouse, but the moment they are made to question their self-importance and self-worth, it becomes difficult to walk away from an abusive partner.

She said even though there is a percentage of women who know their self-worth and so are able to walk away at the sight of abuse, such women also have the support of their family; they do not necessarily care what society will say and so can just walk away from the situation, but for the other women who do not have this kind of support or is afraid of how society will look at them [they] tend to stay in abusive relationships.

She reiterated that some women can be financially sound but they have been abused so much emotionally and psychologically that they do not believe they deserve anything good, including love and affection from anyone.

“There are people who are financially sound, who earn more than their partners, but they have been abused so much emotionally and psychologically that they don’t think they are worth anyone or anything, so when you leave who is going to be with you? Maybe you have two or three children, do you think anyone would want you? Do you think you will survive out there without me, that is emotional abuse and it goes deeper than physical abuse because that one you don’t see it, and so you can have the six, seven, nine figures, if you don’t grow to that level to say I know my worth, forget it, the person is going to stay,” she opined.

Myz Naa said it is bad to see such people dwindle and become pale shadows of themselves yet are unable to leave because they have endured the abuse over a long period of time.

Episode 9 of Moans and Cuddles looked closely at abusive relationships, and why women, in particular, find it difficult to leave.

Watch the full episode below: