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Opinions of Sunday, 16 July 2017

Columnist: Karl-Heinz Heerde

Africa is a political problem

Bill and Melinda Gates use their fortune primarily to fight diseases and to implement effective birth control, especially among young girls and in poor communities. Their endless efforts will eventually help people to live a happy and long productive life contributing to the ever more increasing population on the African continent.

As much as the African will learn from the American couple widely honoured for their humanitarian work, during the time towards and in old age the African will need financial support to survive in a hostile environment with no or not sufficient enough social protection and pension schemes for which reason they will always go back to the drawing board and produce children as their social protection system in abundance. This contributes to the explosion of populations in the African societies with all darkness of the foreseeable future to come involved.

What is the basis of any developed world to make the achievements of a society, over time acquired, work for all for long and longer, caring with systems for life’s events and developments, is not on the mind of Africans and other developing Nations. Such systems are a political mindset as they are instruments of visionary leaders and caring hearts for a Nation, not only for a selfish Swiss Bank account.

The White Man in Africa will never find the appropriate answers of how best to tackle African problems when not having lived for years on the same level like most Africans and observed from the grass root the challenges the continent is faced with. White Minds work in a different way than Africans and can only be rightly addressed and touched when they face people with understanding on their level of understanding equipped in the back of their minds with all much needed information for development and knowledge of instruments to implement them.

As the President of Switzerland in the past week pledged USD 80 Mio. to her country for the development of the Cocoa Sector in Ghana in the discussions with Prez. Nana Akufo-Addo, weeks before German Chancellor Angela Merkel shaking hands with Ghana’s President in Berlin promising him Euros 100 Mio. in financial support while her Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, a widely respected man with no hands-on experiences in Africa in light of the upcoming General Elections warned Germany to invest more into Africa to make Africans stop from coming into his country which in the end would eventually lead to the fact that the hungry African most likely will destroy European societies but make them stay in their own countries, it has not been a accepted facts with White Politicians and their population at large, that the economic problems of Africa are not the main problems as they are part of a wider, higher problem, the Political Problem. Trying to solve a problem through the back door instead of facing it head on, is eventually going to crash…and precious lives and time are wasted once more.

A bucket with a hole can never get full or overflow which raises the question, how much money for how long do the societies of the White Man have to pump into the bucket with a hole before their very own people feel exhausted and treated unfairly? In case by that time the African is not ready to take charge and full control of its financial conditions but left standing alone and financial naked from one moment of time to the next, the disaster of hunger, famine and civil wars are knocking more painfully at the hearts of Humanity pouring blood all over mankind; more so unto the minds of White people that could, well in time, have intervened and changed the downfall and ‘suffering for nothing’ fate of African people.

The burden of History the Whiteman carries on his shoulders should not stop him from doing the right things but wasting time and human resources generation again and again. Instead he should rise up in the name of Humanity and address the real problems of the struggling black continent regardless of the potential opposition in his own societies of people that have no, and for obvious reason cannot have, an understanding about the complex and strange occurrences on the African continent.

If not God, History will judge any Leader and Intellectual by his or her capacity and capability to see, hear and understand problems to prepare Nations and engage them on the right path that can better the lives of countries and empower Humanity that we need so much. The Leaders of today can only be called successful Leaders once they have prepared the next Generation of successful Leaders with a heart and understanding to be bold and courages to do what is right, to ignore the cry of the masses at polling stations to push them to victory.

God is holding the ‘Heart of Glory’ before the eyes of the African. The African is still struggling to reach out to the ‘Heart of Glory’ in the air right before him. A changed mind is all it takes for God to release it into the outstretched arms of the African. A ‘Heart of Glory’ in a body that is not driven by excellence, is wasted. Once the time has come for the African to see before his very own eyes the love God has for his people on the African continent and his hands can touch the ‘Heart of Glory’ in the way God expects it to be taken from him, the African will be able to put his arms around it and make it work in his own chest to bring a brain of excellence in harmony with the ‘Heart of Glory’ and make it shine on earth.

The ‘Heart of Glory’ goes round and round from Nation to Nation and brings life into a people that deserves to be honoured and take the Lead in Life and History. God has a program for every Nation; it are the decisions in the wisdom of a people which makes the Almighty to be moved to honour a Nation.

Author: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, Sakumono, Tema West, phone +233(0)265078287, , 14.07.2017