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Entertainment of Friday, 29 July 2016


Afia Schwarzenegger's ex-husband rubbishes her Facebook claims

Godson Boakye Godson Boakye

It seems saga of Afia Schwarzenegger and her ex-husband will not end anytime soon as the ex-husband in a long email to has responded to questions Afia asked on her social media page.

It will be recalled that Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa popularly known as Afia Schwarzenegger took to her social media yesterday to respond to allegations by her supposed ex-husband and made some damning revelations as to how she found out that the man was married to another woman.

However, the man in question has denied ever getting married to Afia as she claims, but said he was only a good Samaritan.

He further promised to respond to any question posed to him with documents to clear his name in the ongoing saga.

Afia’s post and her ex-husband’s counterclaim/response has been posted below.

As stated before I am willing and ready to provide all evidence needed to let the public know that I had never married this lady in question or whatsoever. I hope that the clear and deep thinkers of the public would know that this lady's claim is a hoax, misleading and also, that she is playing with the minds of the people, by still remaining to her lies, without any evidence to back up her mission of building castles in the air.

I would like to take it point by point to answer all of her questions thrown at me on her social media page.

First, no letter or whatsoever was sent to my wife. She also confirms not to have received any of that sort.

Yes, she met Honourable Sherry Asante, where she apparently saw my picture on her screen saver, but when she was asked by honourable Sherry of where she knew me, her reply was that I was her cousin. Honourable then started telling her about me and my family. She later went to honourable Sherry to tell her that I had married her.

2. The writ of summon of the land lady, praying the court to evict her had already been obtained by other bloggers and has already been published. She was then saved from eviction, when the new place (our property) was made available by me for her to briefly occupy.

3. Power of attorney was given to her to eject the previous tenant who were also illegally occupying the property. She was a friend and was in need of help. But since her welcome has been overstayed, she's now an illegal occupant of the said property.

4. It is the duty of every court in the world to first listen to every claim from both sides, in order to ascertain what is foolishness or plausible, guilty or not guilty.

5. Yes it is three years since she moved into that property and I really don't know what the picture has got to do with it.

6. Yes, I am a proud father of four, and I emphatically stated in my interview (audio), that it is my wife that I have three children with. I had my eldest son in my youth time before marrying.

7. I am not an ordained pastor and neither have I ever claimed to be one to anyone. I'm a deacon in my church, but I have gained my reverend title through theological degrees and seminaries, but since I am not a title conscious person, I don't even claim to be called as such, so where from all these "taking advantage of her finances"? It is absurd and utterly nonsense. I even don't know what she's referring to, since I don't own any church or any ministry.

8. I paid for the legal fees myself through money gram transfer to her to forward it to a lawyer (the late lawyer Yaw Owusu Ansah) to effect ejection through rent control on the said property she's currently illegally occupying, and I have receipts to prove that. Aside this, I have never authorised her to eject anybody from anywhere else. I dare her once again to provide any power of attorney given to her by either me or any relative of mine to do so.

9. Yes she needed help with accommodation and the house was given to her to briefly occupy for two months, in order to find a place. Furthermore, the house is a completed one, and aside wear and tear, which may occur during occupation, there's nothing more to do on it, neither has there been any reports, which may suggest any needed attention on the property.

10. Yes, she's all of the above- from a good friend which my family knew we were, to caretaker, illegal occupant and all other mentioned accreditation.

11. This gentleman is known to be Ebo, who I happened to have shortly met in London. The bag I was holding contained a box of Brazilian hair from our then company Black Queen Cosmetics. It was given to her as a token of helping us to do both TV and radio ads, which was funded by ourselves and there are receipts to prove that as well, and also for helping us choose the right images for our products and packages.

12. I have never bought her any engagement ring(s) or wedding gown(s) or whatsoever. I wonder how many engagements we were going to do (rings?) or how many weddings we were going to do (gowns?).
The pregnant saga is also another hoax, forgetting that she had been talking about doing an artificial insemination on her previous interviews, which I wasn't part of it, so is bringing her mother to take care of her pregnancy another nonsense. I wonder when she even became pregnant in the first place.

13. Yes we met some people who non of them I knew, she was the one who introduced me to their friends as her husband, as society demands to introduce the Unknown to friends and families, which was the case. Although I resented being called husband by her all the time, yet she constantly kept doing so in both media and to others.

14. I still dare her to come up with any evidence which suggests that I owe her money, how I got to owe her, how much, and when I did owe her. She's the one who rather owes me a back-dated rent of $21,600 as we speak, since the time she had overstayed her welcome and has refused to vacate the property.

Yes there are women who have genuinely encountered such ordeals by being betrayed by men in all sorts of manner, which I personally vehemently abhor. This however is not the case and her false and fake claims are far from reality. Rather, she has involved her cooked and cunning stories to those who are genuinely experiencing such predicaments, and I must state that it is not fair in trying to gain public's sympathy and unnecessary attention in such manner.

How can somebody who follows me on all of my social media accounts and sees all my posted activities with my family and even sometimes comments on our pictures and updates, knows my wife, her compound name and the names of all of my children now all of a sudden claim that I had also married her? If that alone does not bear witness of her awareness of me being a married man in additional to what she already knew, then I don't know what else to say.

Yes, nobody is stupid not to discern on the whole story, and I therefore appeal to her to still provide some sort of evidence to back up her stories.

Godson Boakye

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