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Entertainment of Sunday, 17 September 2017


Abrokwa has done no wrong for recording Afia in her shameful act - Kumchacha

Mr. Abrokwah recorded the scene after he caught his ex wife in bed with another man Mr. Abrokwah recorded the scene after he caught his ex wife in bed with another man

The Founder and Leader of the Heaven's Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei, popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has once again expressed his view on the current Afia Schwarzenegger saga saying her (Afia Schwarzenegger) husband recording her when he caught her in a room with another man is justified.

“It is not wrong to take some evidence when you chance on your spouse cheating on you, but don’t make it available to the public. Because when you go and meet her family without it she might deny it, so having evidence helps you prove your claim,” he explained.

Prophet Kumchacha sympathized with Lawrence Abrokwah (ex-husband of Valentina Agyeiwaa aka Queen Afia Schwar or Schwarzenegger) for what he went through seeing the woman he ‘loved’ in bed with another man.

“It is not easy to catch the woman you love and in this case your wife in bed with another man. You are bound to get angry but it is safer to calm down and resist the control the anger may have on you. Even when you see your Ex with a different person there is a little bit of anger you feel so it is not easy,’ he said.

The man of God said putting himself in Mr. Abrkowah’s shoes, he (Prophet Kumchacha ) can understand why he would be angry and gather evidence to aid him in proving his case adding that it part of human nature to get angry once in a while.

“We all get angry once in a while .The bible says we are allowed to get angry but should avoid letting it lead us into sin. If it were me, I would just walk out after taking enough pictures for proof and then show it to her family in case she denies it,” he noted.

He advised all those who find themselves in such situations to leave their spouses if they can’t forgive them or else forgive their spouses and be silent about it.

“If you feel you can’t live be with her again then you let her go, if not keep your wife. If you are married stay with your spouse. Simple. That is my stance on the issue,” he said.

Prophet Kumchacha further stressed on his earlier prophecy about Afia Schwarzenegger becoming an evangelist and said all she had to do is be calm, humble and avail herself to be used by the Lord.

“I maintain that Afia will become an evangelist and win souls for Christ and so she should calm down for Christ so He can use her for his good works. What I will say is, Afia is supposed to humble herself,” he mentioned.

Mr. Abrokwah threatened Afia Schwarzenegger with bottle of liquid substance which he claimed was acid after he caught her red-handed in bed with another man, telling her he was going to destroy her face with it.

A video recording of the entire incident circulating on social media showed Mr. Abrokwah storming into a room to find the Afia and her lover naked in bed.

Disappointed Mr. Abrokwah in the video was heard hooting at his wife and saying he left for his moms’ after a brief argument only to return and find his wife in bed with another man.

Afia is said to have reported the incident to the police and is under investigation.

Police forensic team after a thorough examination, came to the conclusion that the contents of the bottle Lawrence Abrokwah suggested was acid, is false.

Currently, Afia Schwarzenegger’s husband is facing circulation of obscene material and threat of harm charges.

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