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A ten you old boy commits suicide
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Regional News of Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Source: Naabenyin Joojo Amissah

A ten you old boy commits suicide

Residents of Ayensudo new town near komenda junction in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem Municipality in the central region yesterday had a shock of their lives when news broke hot from the cool pot that a ten year old boy, Michael Prah has committed suicide by hanging.

The news which sent shivering through the spines of the residents, took place at about 5:30pm on the outskirt of his father’s poultry farm.

An elder brother of the deceased, Egya Ekow Affari who comfirmed the sad story said, the deceased, Michael Prah and his siblings went to their father’s poultry when they closed from school in the afternoon. He said whiles the children were there, the deceased “Michael Prah who is a class 2 pupil of the Ayensudo M/A primary school, could not be traced within a short time.

He narrated that another elder brother, Awortwe who was with the children in the farm sported Michael standing under an orange tree close to the farm and started calling him.

Egya Kow who was full of sorrow said, when Michael refused to answer Awortwe’s call, he Awortwe went to Michael only to find him hanging on a nylon rope tied to the orange tree.

Awortwe who simply could not bear the heartbreaking incident, shouted mercilessly which drew a large crowd of people to the scene. The matter was later reported to the police in Elmina who took the body away after inspecting the scene. A source within the Elmina Police station collaborated the story and said the body has since been deposited at the central regional hospital.

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