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Opinions of Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Columnist: Austin Brakopowers

3 ways of quickening your success in the workplace

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Everyone wants to be successful in the workplace. It’s a good thing. At least it wouldn’t help for one’s image to be a loser when it comes to the performance of his job.

You have to excel in whatever your hands find to do and this means that you will have to adopt a mix of attitudes and actions that will ensure the success you thirst for.

In this piece, I will walk you through three simple and synthesized strategies that will help to quicken your success story at the workplace. It’s neither an exhaustive list nor do they claim an omniscient character.
They were derived out of several years of experience as well as things learned from the lives of rich and successful men and women in our world.

#1: Create a goal list:
One thing most people have neglected in their life is goal setting. They hate the mentioning of the word.

However, the truth is that it doesn’t take much to set a goal. At least it doesn’t take much of one’s time to get his goal written down. A minimum of ten minutes and a maximum of thirty minutes should be enough to save you from a life of torment and complete torture.

Goal setting speeds up your success by thirty percent. The argument, therefore, is that those who set goals are easily able to achieve their visions or dreams or work on them than those who do not set goals.

Most of the ridiculously successful people in our world are students of goal setting. They were formerly in your situation until they chose to change.
You can do same by becoming a student of goal setting.

#2: Act More than You Talk:
The funny thing is that we plan and talk more than we act. It’s good to plan. In fact, planning acts in a similar capacity as goal setting. Goal setting is planning in progress; however, it must not be done at the expense of needful actions.

The natural arrangement is for a man to take more actions than he rests. Sadly, some people have made rest part of their actions. They sleep more and work less.

The sad thing is that when things are not going the way they anticipate it, they end up complaining why they have not been able to achieve A, B and C.
At least what I know is that the sleep has blinded them to refuse to see their contribution to what they are experiencing in their life today.
Know: Whatever situation you find yourself in, you deserve it. And if you’re tired of that life, you have to know what to do.

From today, resolve to act more than you talk. It’s often said: action speaks louder than words, but we fail to grasp its true essence. It means in whatever you set out to do, let your actions outnumber what you say. Don’t convince anymore about what you can get achieved; rather leave the work to your actions to do that for you.

Many people have given one promise after the other to people that others no longer value their promises. The challenge has been that they talk more and act less. This is one thing many Ghanaians are suffering from.

Take a leap of faith and do what your life requires. Act more than you talk. Let what you do speak on your behalf than what you say.

#3: Results:
It’s normal to want to evaluate the consequences of your actions, but many don’t. They don’t know every action or inaction has a repercussion whether good or bad.

To learn the result of your action, you will have to reflect on your actions and inactions by stitching them to your current life.

How is it? Does it look good for you? Or you feel things ought to change?
Evaluating your actions and inactions is key to your presence here. That reflective aspect is so important in one’s life.

You need to evaluate your actions by looking at the results. Was it good or bad? Successful or you failed?

Let results teach you what you failed or forgot to do right so that you will be guided in what to do the next time you are given an opportunity.

Results are direct consequences of whatever we do or fail to do. So your
action or inaction has in it the seed of good or evil, failure or success.
Guided by what you want in life, I am pretty sure when you are asked to make your choice, you will choose right.

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