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Crime & Punishment of Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Source: Kasapa FM

13 students of Jukwaa Krobo JHS boycott school over sexual harassment

Thirteen students of the Jukwaa Krobo Junior High School (JHS) in the Central Region have quit school due to the incessant sexual harassment by their teachers.

The female students who are deeply troubled over the reprehensible behaviour of their teachers say they can no longer contain such advances at them as they’re unable to study.

According to reports, the development is so bad that it has resulted in rivalry among the teachers as they fight over the female students.

The affected students mentioned one teacher, Sir Aikins as the chief culprit, saying once he sees a student is beautiful and has ‘body” that student becomes his target and will begin to pester the student until he’s satisfied.

One of the students who spoke to Kasapa News under condition of anonymity alleged that the said teacher once tried to rape her after she entered his (teachers) room to give him food he sent her to buy.

The victim stated that she was appalled and shocked by her teachers’s conduct and has decided to stop schooling and rather learn a vocation so she can have her peace of mind.

“I was menstruating when the teacher attempted to rape me, otherwise he would have succeeded in having sex with me. I’ve heard rumours in town that I’m a girl friend to the teachers and that they are fighting over. I’m worried by that, I’ve had enough of such things so I have decided to stop schooling and learn a trade so that I can be free.”

Meanwhile, the school authorities have told Kasapa News that they are investigating the matter and will sanction the teachers found guilty.

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