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FIFA Logo Dec2010 FIFA selects Ghana to host TMS Workshop for Africa
Ghana's place as the leading place for football administration in Africa has been confirmed by FIFA after the world governing selected the country to host the FIFA The Transfer Matching System (TMS) Workshop this week. FIFA is gathering ten football federations in Africa and ten top clubs from the continent to undergo fresh training on the systems that regulates transfer of players. The world governing body started the system in 2007 but Ghana has demonstrated dexterity in the implementation resulting in the decision to bring the participants to Ghana to undergo the training. The purpose of the workshop is to refresh and improve the knowledge of the participating FAs and the clubs with respect to TMS and the application of its regulations. The workshop will be held on 2 and 3 December in Accra. The workshop to be held on Wednesday and Thursday will be held at the Royal Fiesta Hotel in Accra. The Transfer Matching System (TMS) initiative harnesses modern electronic technology with the aim of making international transfers more transparent and protecting minors. A decision was taken at the FIFA Congress in 2007 to implement an online system for registering transfers, one that would replace the old procedure based on agreements signed on paper. The new tool was developed and tested over the next three and a half years, with training given to FIFA member associations and to clubs. In that time TMS technicians have trained staff at 3,633 clubs in all 208 associations. In order for a transfer to be validated the two clubs involved must enter the relevant information on the deal. Member associations must keep all information relating to the league season in question up to date, as well as information on player registrations, clubs and agents.
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