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Failure of border staff to identify criminals ‘has cost country £70m’
Hundreds of foreign criminals who went missing in Britain before they could be deported represent just one of many high-profile failures for the Government’s vaunted £850m prisoner removal programme, a damning report reveals today.
(Wed, 22 Oct 2014 00:03:59 +0100)

Nick Clegg launches bid to win teachers back to the Lib Dem fold
Nick Clegg will heap praise on public sector workers today as he tries to rebuild bridges with them before next May’s general election.
(Wed, 22 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

British drone operators could be breaking international law, says former GCHQ chief
British military and intelligence personnel working at US Air Force bases on the controversial drones programme could be at risk of breaking international law, according to a new report from the former director of GCHQ.
(Wed, 22 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

Ofsted accused of cover-up over lost Baby P assessment
Ofsted has been accused of a staging a “cover-up” by a whistleblowing former employee over its handling of the “Baby P” scandal.
(Wed, 22 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

Former Labour minister Frank Field hits out at Ed Miliband for being soft on immigration
A senior Labour MP has warned that the party is losing its working class supporters to Ukip because it is run by an out-of-touch “elite” that does not understand them.
(Wed, 22 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

Man sentenced to 21 years in prison for knifepoint rape of online date
A man who brutally raped a woman at knifepoint, whom he had met on a dating website, has been sentenced to 21 years in jail.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 22:55:48 +0100)

Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Intimate image of resting lions claims top prize
The honour of ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ has been bestowed on a US man who followed a pride of female lions in Tanzania for six months.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 22:27:47 +0100)

Hotel room burglar who bludgeoned tourists with claw hammer found guilty of attempted murder
A family who were almost killed by a random burglary and vicious assault in their hotel room in London said that watching the perpetrator be found guilty today did not match the “justice” that would be meted out in their home country of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 21:15:02 +0100)

Historic child abuse investigation: PM confident inquiry chair Fiona Woolf will 'act with integrity' despite connection to former minister under scrutiny
The head of the Government’s sprawling historic child abuse inquiry is facing demands to step down after she admitted hosting dinner parties with the former minister under scrutiny over his role in an alleged Establishment cover-up.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 20:47:02 +0100)

Donald Macintyre's Sketch: Fiona Woolf keen to establish one thing... five dinners does not an association make
The thing about Fiona Woolf is that she’s just an ordinary, common or garden, little old Lord Mayor of London.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 19:52:08 +0100)

Lib Dem's general election 'red lines' leaked
The Liberal Democrats’ key demands for in the event of another hung parliament have emerged after their manifesto was leaked.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 19:12:30 +0100)

Andy McSmith's Diary: Tories’ Russian roulette with canvassed donations
A Russian tycoon who is presumed to have paid £28,000 for a portrait of Margaret Thatcher in a fund-raising auction will get his money back – not because there is anything wrong with the portrait, or because he does not want it, but because the Conservative Party should not have let him buy it.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 18:48:10 +0100)

Former British private school teacher ‘preyed on homeless Kenyan boys’
A former British teacher “preyed” on needy young Kenyan boys, picking them up off the street before taking them home to sexually abuse them, a jury has heard.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 18:35:16 +0100)

Sweetie, the fake 10-year-old girl designed to catch online predators, claims her first scalp
It seemed to be the courageous sting which did what police around the world would not dare to do: the creation of a computer-generated 10-year-old girl to ensnare men who sought out sexual images of children.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 18:22:23 +0100)

Tory MP blames 'sex education fanatics' for rise in teen pregnancies, says it should be scrapped
A Conservative MP has said that sex education should be scrapped as not only is it a parent’s responsibility, but because it has also only served to increase teenage pregnancies.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 17:49:06 +0100)

Senior Green Party politician Jenny Jones arrested at Occupy London
A senior Green party politician who sits on a watchdog that monitors Scotland Yard was arrested today during a peaceful protest outside the Houses of Parliament.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 17:43:10 +0100)

Controversial Belgian 'anti-ageing' doctor Thierry Hertoghe gives evidence at poisoning trial
A Belgian doctor treating a British teenager whose mother is accused of poisoning her with hormones he prescribed defended his methods as “safe” today, and said Britain has a “national problem” with the alternative therapies he offers.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 17:20:10 +0100)

Man who stabbed identical twin to death then went to New Year's Eve party jailed
A man who murdered his twin brother in a drunken fight on New Year’s Eve and then went to a party with his girlfriend has been sentenced to life in prison.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 16:50:50 +0100)

Who would live in a house like this? Most expensive garage conversion house on sale for £24m
The world's most expensive garage conversion with seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms is on sale for a whopping £24million.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 16:45:35 +0100)

Armed police intervene in heated passenger revolt during 10-hour flight delay
Hundreds of angry passengers at Heathrow Airport were surrounded by armed police today after some staged a revolt during a 10-hour flight delay yesterday.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 16:38:40 +0100)

Nigel Farage fined £200 for failing to declare donated office to elections watchdog
Nigel Farage has been fined £200 by Britain’s elections watchdog for failing to declare the free use of a constituent office, which had been gifted to him by a party supporter.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 15:25:29 +0100)

Ched Evans website publishes video online of rape victim in hotel on night of attack
North Wales Police have confirmed they are looking into complaints about a website set up by Ched Evans’ family, which shows CCTV footage of his victim on the night of the attack.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 15:19:27 +0100)

Legal highs fuelling growing levels of violence in British jails, annual prison report warns
The soaring use of so-called “legal highs” in prisons has fuelled growing levels of violence and bullying behind bars, the Chief Inspector of Prisons warned in his annual report today.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 15:16:22 +0100)

Cyclist kicked into the path of a coach by fellow cyclist
We are used to hearing about the dangers of cycling in London, with countless dreadful cases over the years that have seen cyclists injured or killed because of reckless motorists.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 13:40:28 +0100)

Anti-immigration ex-diplomat Sir Andrew Green joins House of Lords
Sir Andrew Green, head of Migration Watch, has been awarded a life peerage, in what will be seen as further evidence of David Cameron’s anxiety about the electoral threat posed by Ukip.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 12:41:50 +0100)

Ched Evans rape victim named by Twitter trolls
The woman who was raped by former Sheffield United striker Ched Evans has had her identity revealed by social media trolls.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 12:29:48 +0100)

Dave Lee Travis sentence 'not unduly lenient' according to attorney general
Disgraced DJ Dave Lee Travis's three-month suspended sentence for indecent assault was "neither wrong in principle nor unduly lenient", the Attorney General has found.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 12:10:44 +0100)

Michael Fallon makes a flying start at the MoD
Michael Fallon’s transformation from the young semi-delinquent Thatcherite hit man of 30 years ago to gravitas-imbued safe pair of hands is finally complete.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 11:11:30 +0100)

Hurricane Gonzalo: UK braced for weather chaos as storm hits Britain
Travellers were braced across Britain today for the arrival of Hurricane Gonzalo as the Met Office issued a yellow warning for most of the country in preparation.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 07:45:09 +0100)

Hurricane Gonzalo: Woman crushed to death by tree blown down by high winds in London
A woman has died after being crushed by a tree in high winds caused by the remains of Hurricane Gonzalo.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 07:11:28 +0100)

David Cameron’s failure to confront UKIP is a betrayal of Margaret Thatcher’s vision, says José Manuel Barroso
David Cameron’s failure to confront and challenge UKIP’s demands for restrictions on migration is a betrayal of Margaret Thatcher’s vision of free markets, the outgoing president of the European Commission has said.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 01:27:17 +0100)

Paralysed man Darek Fidyka walks again after treatment by British doctors on brink of 'cure'
Millions of paralysis sufferers are today offered the possibility of a cure for the first time after a new technique pioneered by British doctors allowed a man with a severed spinal cord to recover the ability to walk.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 00:01:00 +0100)

Salisbury ranked seventh-best city in the world to visit in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2015
It may be dwarfed in size even by its Wiltshire neighbour Swindon, but Salisbury has beaten the likes of London, New York and Paris to be named as one of the world’s top 10 city destinations.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 00:01:00 +0100)

Revealed: Spending on private ambulances has risen by 82% in two years
Spending on private ambulances by the National Health Service has almost doubled in just two years, freedom of information requests have disclosed.
(Tue, 21 Oct 2014 00:01:00 +0100)

Danielle Watson: Woman pretended to have cancer to con public into paying for her wedding
A young mother faces jail for conning friends and strangers out of thousands of pounds by falsely claiming she had terminal cancer, after dramatically changing her plea to guilty on the first day of her trial.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 23:31:09 +0100)

Saharan sun could provide energy for UK homes in £8bn plan to build 100 sq km solar farm - and a very long power cable
Up to 2.5 million British homes could be powered by Tunisian sunshine by 2018 under an £8bn plan to build a giant solar farm in the Sahara desert and ship the electricity to Europe through a 450km (280 miles) submarine cable.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 23:27:13 +0100)

Didcot power station fire: Electricity supplies now at a ‘one in three’ chance of falling short
British electricity supplies are now so stretched there is a one in three chance they will have to be limited this winter, the UK’s leading energy analyst has warned.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 23:24:10 +0100)

Cutting EU immigration will backfire, say employers
Britain’s bosses have come out fighting for the country to remain in the European Union and warned that David Cameron’s plans to cut migration from the EU could backfire by damaging business.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 20:54:13 +0100)

Tories under fire for not targeting child poverty
The Conservatives were accused today of refusing to set new targets for reducing child poverty because their next round of spending cuts would increase the scale of the problem.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 20:45:03 +0100)

Labour to only tax homes worth over £2m
Labour has moved to reassure people with homes worth between £1m and £2m that they would not be dragged into the mansion tax the party would impose if it wins power in next May’s election.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 19:48:42 +0100)

Ford unveils a car seat which detects when a driver is having heart attack
A car seat which detects when a driver is having heart attack and is able to take control to bring the vehicle to a safe stop has been developed by Ford.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 19:23:53 +0100)

Ukip Calypso: Mike Read's car crash for Ukip campaign threatens to enter charts
Something truly, excruciating, sickeningly, sordidly, cringingly, toe-curlingly awful is threatening to invade the music charts. Mike Read, once known as a DJ, has written a ‘Calypso’, and has recorded it, singing in a faux-Jamaican accent, to raise money for Ukip.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 18:58:26 +0100)

Stags left in tight spot as Blackpool plans to ban mankinis
Britain’s most popular seaside resort has been accused of “criminalising” types of clothing after it said it planned to press ahead with plans to outlaw provocatively dressed hen and stag parties from the centre of Blackpool during the day.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 18:30:20 +0100)

Former East 17 frontman Brian Harvey turns up at Downing Street and 'demands to speak to Prime Minister'
Brian Harvey has been pictured outside Downing Street demanding to speak to Prime Minister David Cameron.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 18:03:09 +0100)

Scotland's 5p carrier bag charge comes into effect
A 5p charge for one-use carrier bags has come into effect in Scotland today.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 17:19:18 +0100)

National Crime Agency says system realistically can't prosecute all 50,000 child sex offenders
The huge scale of child sex crime in Britain means that some paedophiles will escape prosecution as police target the most dangerous abusers among the 50,000 regularly viewing indecent images of youngsters, the head of the National Crime Agency (NCA) said today.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 17:09:00 +0100)

Britain has only 100 harvests left in its farm soil as scientists warn of growing 'agricultural crisis'
Intense over-farming means there are only 100 harvests left in the soil of the UK’s countryside, a study has found.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 16:41:28 +0100)

Bad parents should be ‘called out’ and helped out, inquiry on inequality urges
Bad parents should be taught the basics of bringing up children in a nationwide campaign, a parliamentary inquiry into inequality has recommended.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 16:25:57 +0100)

Jose Manuel Barroso warns David Cameron against making 'historic mistake' over immigration reforms
David Cameron is in danger of isolating Britain on the world stage by picking fights with other EU states over immigration, the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso has warned.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 11:54:36 +0100)

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube told to 'automatically' hand over Isis terrorists' data
Tech sites including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook will be asked by the UK government this week to hand over more information about extremists posting propaganda online.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 11:14:14 +0100)

London bus driver 'kicks gay couple off for kissing'
A London bus driver allegedly kicked a gay couple off his bus and hit them with a barrage of homophobic abuse after he saw the pair kissing.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 10:56:37 +0100)

Isis recruited her son - so single mother travelled to Turkey and brought him home
A single mother has travelled to Turkey in a dangerous attempt to rescue her injured son, who had joined Isis having been radicalised on the internet.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 09:24:09 +0100)

Hurricane Gonzalo hits the UK: When will it arrive and how strong will the storm be?
The remains of Hurricane Gonzalo will hit the UK tonight, bringing gales and torrential rain lasting into Tuesday for much of the country.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 09:22:20 +0100)

Oscar Pistorius sentencing: South African prison services deny they have prepared jail cell for paralympian
South Africa’s prison service has been forced to deny it has already prepared a jail cell for paralympian Oscar Pistorius ahead of his sentencing tomorrow.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 08:50:50 +0100)

Didcot B Power Station fire: Plant may not be fully operational for 'two weeks'
The blaze that ripped through three cooling towers at the Didcot B Power Station could see the plant operating at a decreased capacity for up to two weeks.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 08:08:21 +0100)

Government thinks Love Actually is a manual for how to run the country, says Douglas Carswell
Douglas Carswell, the Clacton MP who defected from the Conservatives to Ukip, has claimed the country is run by politicians who believe the film Love Actually is “a manual” for good government.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 00:21:51 +0100)

Three main parties attacked for their lack of ambition over 'lamentable' child poverty failure - by Government's own anti-poverty tsar
All three main Westminster parties will be condemned by the Government’s anti-poverty tsar today for their failure to improve social mobility and reduce the number of children growing up in poor families.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

Gated communities and segregated schools: £6bn cost of poor social integration
Lack of social integration is costing the British economy £6bn a year and failure to tackle the issue threatens to create a nation of segregated schools, thwarted careers and gated communities, a report warns today.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

Libel cases prompted by social media posts rise 300% in a year
The number of defamation actions brought over derogatory posts on social media has surged by more than 300 per cent in the past year.
(Mon, 20 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

Fire at Didcot Power Station in Oxfordshire 'under control' says fire chief
A major fire broke out at Didcot Power Station in Oxfordshire on Sunday night, with flames seen pouring from at least two of its cooling towers.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 22:20:39 +0100)

Environment Secretary Liz Truss under fire over plan to scrap solar farm subsidies
The Environment Secretary, Liz Truss, came under fire yesterday after branding solar farms “a blight on the landscape” and announcing plans to scrap subsidies for new developments.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 21:14:51 +0100)

Ched Evans: Footballer players’ union advising forward on 'how to rebuild a semblance of a career'
Ched Evans, the professional footballer and convicted rapist, should be allowed to “reintegrate into society”, the former head of the footballers’ union said on Sunday.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 20:47:20 +0100)

Rev. Ian Paisley: Belfast pays final respects to its firebrand peacemaker
The Reverend Ian Paisley was laid to political rest on Sunday with a memorial service in the Belfast hall which in the 1960s provided one of the launch-pads for his highly controversial career.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 20:24:49 +0100)

What life would be like under a Labour government - according to David Cameron
David Cameron has painted a scary picture of what life would be like under a Labour government. His words were aimed as much at anyone thinking of voting Ukip as at Labour supporters.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 20:04:56 +0100)

UK academics set up shop as the world’s first space detectives
A British law academic and a geography professor have been inundated with inquiries and new cases after joining forces to launch the world’s first space detective agency.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 19:16:41 +0100)

Big Society exclusive: Taxpayer-funded grants were paid ‘under intense pressure’ to Cameron-founded charity by Nesta
Individuals with links to the Conservatives put “intense pressure” on a public body to give taxpayers’ money to a charity that collapsed leaving a string of failed projects, a report has concluded.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 19:05:29 +0100)

Save Kimi: 'When I grow up, I’m going to be a fur collar' - Burberry under fire from animal rights group
An international animal welfare group has launched a campaign against the British luxury goods brand Burberry to stop it using real fur in its fashion collections.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 17:37:36 +0100)

Ebola outbreak: UK scare as 'feverish' man isolated at Essex hospital
An Essex hospital has placed a man with a fever in isolation who has recently returned to the UK from east Africa.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 17:22:50 +0100)

Isis hostage John Cantlie believes 'at least two-thirds' of what he says in propaganda videos, says sister
The sister of John Cantlie has said the British hostage probably believes “two-thirds” of what he is saying in propaganda videos released by Isis.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 17:01:34 +0100)

Japanese knotweed: Tiny insect could finally tame Britain's most invasive plant
Fallopia japonica, the one-time toast of Victorian horticulture which under its English name of Japanese knotweed is now considered Britain’s most pernicious invasive plant, may have finally met its match in a two millimetre-long insect.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 16:36:03 +0100)

Ebola outbreak: British survivor William Pooley returns to Sierra Leone to fight the disease
William Pooley, 29, will fly back to Sierra Leone this evening and will continue his work helping to treat people with the disease there. He has said he is “delighted” to able to return and he wants to “prevent as many deaths as possible.”
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 16:01:14 +0100)

Brazilian Wandering spider found under a bunch of bananas in Waitrose home delivery
A family has spoken of the “traumatising” experience of finding the world’s most lethal spider in their south London home, which was delivered straight to their kitchen in a Waitrose home delivery.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 15:41:24 +0100)

Prince Charles orders cull of grey squirrels to protect indigenous red population
The Prince of Wales has ordered a cull of the destructive grey squirrel on his estate in a bid to protect the indigenous red variety, his spokesman has confirmed.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 15:18:00 +0100)

Cutty Sark fire being investigated after ship damaged in blaze
Seven years after it was all but destroyed in a massive fire, the Cutty Sark has been hit by another blaze.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 14:45:14 +0100)

Hurricane Gonzalo to hit UK on Monday night after battering Bermuda
The Met Office has warned that Hurricane Gonzalo, which battered parts of the Caribbean, will hit the UK on Tuesday bringing with it heavy rains across the north of Britain.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 12:19:34 +0100)

Cameron is warned 'no possibility' of UK reducing immigration and that bid to bring in quota on migrant workers would be illegal
David Cameron’s plan to restrict the amount of time that EU migrants can spend working in Britain will never be accepted by the other EU governments, Europe’s highest ranking official, Jose Manuel Barroso, has warned.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 11:54:27 +0100)

Star Wars memorabilia called a 'bit of plastic' on Antiques Roadshow by Fiona Bruce valued at £50,000
TV presenter Fiona Bruce seemed a bit startled by a spectacular find during the filming of Antiques Roadshow, which she labelled as a “bit of plastic”.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 11:42:13 +0100)

Right-to-die: Grandmother starves herself to death after UK's assisted suicide laws left her with 'no alternative'
An elderly woman has starved herself to death to get around the UK’s tight and restrictive laws on assisted suicide.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 10:32:06 +0100)

Chloe Madeley rape threats: Internet trolls 'to be imprisoned for two years' in new cyber crackdown
People who post venomous and harassing messages online could face up to two years in prison, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has pledged – an increase on the six months currently in place for perpetrators.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 09:25:59 +0100)

Ched Evans conviction to be fast-tracked by watchdog investigating miscarriages of justice
The watchdog which investigates possible miscarriages of justice has said it is fast-tracking an application by Ched Evans to review his rape conviction.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 08:17:50 +0100)

Eric Pickles accused of 'rejecting wind farms to win votes'
Eric Pickles has turned down applications to build 19 onshore wind farms in the past year, prompting allegations from senior Liberal Democrats and energy firms that he is playing politics with green energy, motivated by a need to shore up support from wavering Conservative voters in the party's rural heartlands.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

MoD defends new CEO's £500,000 pay that unions label 'utterly outrageous'
The Ministry of Defence is looking to appoint what could be the country's best-paid civil servant on a salary of up to £500,000, a move that unions have blasted as "utterly outrageous".
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

Battle against Isis: Plan to charge jihadists with treason 'will not work,' claims terror expert
Britain's "lock-them- up" approach to dealing with returning British jihadist fighters is doomed to failure and risks making it harder to find potential terrorists, warned one of the world's leading terror experts yesterday.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

Stop changing laws behind closed doors, say experts
Constitutional experts have warned David Cameron to halt the government's "behind closed doors" attempts to change the way the United Kingdom is governed.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

Flagship police policy descends into farce
One of the Government's more controversial policies plumbed new depths of farce yesterday as it was revealed that police and crime commissioners have introduced another layer of bureaucracy in an effort to raise standards in the police.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

Phone hacking: MPs challenge prosecutors on evidence in Murdoch case
Britain's top prosecutor is facing questions about her evidence to Parliament regarding a possible future corporate prosecution of Rupert Murdoch's media empire.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

Staff cuts lead to increase in benefit fraud
Government cuts and the strain on the benefits system have made it easier to commit housing benefit fraud than ever before, according to experts.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

We owe a debt to Lord Freud
David Freud will probably now survive as a minister, having inadvertently provided a public service with his unfortunate comments about the employment of people with disabilities. Alastair Campbell, former press secretary to Tony Blair, last week updated the rule he formulated about the survivability of ministerial scandals. He used to say that, if a minister featured on the front pages of the newspapers for 10 days running, he or she would have to go. Now that the media cycle has picked up speed, Mr Campbell says that, if a minister "trended" on Twitter for four days in a row, it was time for the chop.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

Health tourism clampdown 'puts public at risk,' claims think-tank
The British public is at increased risk from infectious diseases – including Ebola – because NHS charges and anti-immigration rhetoric are discouraging vulnerable migrants from seeking healthcare, a think-tank has warned.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

Jack the Ripper: Scientist who claims to have identified notorious killer has 'made serious DNA error'
It was supposed to have been the definitive piece of scientific evidence that finally exposed the true identify of Jack the Ripper after he had brutally murdered at least five women on the streets of Whitechapel in the East End of London, 126 years ago.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

Andrew Selous: 'Disabled are grateful so work harder,' says Tory minister
A second government minister made contentious comments over the disabled and their role in the workplace at the Conservative Party's annual conference last month, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

James Wharton: The former Guard now fighting discrimination against gay soldiers
It has always been a source of wonder to me how the Queen's Guard can manage to keep a straight face sitting on their horses, in their magnificent uniforms, while hordes of tourists take their picture.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

HS2 rail-link: Stoke readies for fight against Crewe as route for second phase of high-speed line
The £42.7bn HS2 railway faces a fresh legal fight if the project's mastermind, Sir David Higgins, and MPs agree that the second phase of the route must go through Crewe rather than Stoke-on-Trent.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

New minicab law 'would put women at risk'
Ministers will come under fresh pressure this week not to ease rules on minicabs, a relaxation that safety campaigners say would endanger vulnerable women.
(Sun, 19 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0100)

David Haines memorial: Loved ones pay tributes to 'kind, open and caring' aid worker
The family of David Haines, the British aid worker brutally murdered by Islamic State militants, have held a memorial service for him.
(Sat, 18 Oct 2014 17:28:05 +0100)

Britain's rainiest cities revealed – and it's good news for Londoners
Britain has long been stigmatised as a rainy nation, but which cities in our green and sodden land are actually the rainiest?
(Sat, 18 Oct 2014 15:49:40 +0100)

Britons 'most happy at 58'
British people are most content with their lives at 58 years old, new research has found.
(Sat, 18 Oct 2014 13:36:43 +0100)

Pay protests: Thousands march for better wages as unions demonstrate across Britain
Tens of thousands of public sector workers and their supporters are marching in cities across the UK to demand better pay.
(Sat, 18 Oct 2014 13:21:38 +0100)