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Christian Science Monitor

Here we go again: Another major snow storm in Midwest and Northeast
 More than a foot of snow is forecast for parts of the Midwest, New York, and New England Saturday night through Monday. 

A groundbreaking Super Bowl ad that you shouldn't miss (+video)
The first-ever domestic violence ad on the Super Bowl. How effective will it be?

Super Bowl 2015: New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks compared
Super Bowl 2015: Will it produce back-to-back titles and a Seattle Seahawks dynasty? Or, will Bill Belichick and Tom Brady cement their legacy as the greatest coach-quarterback combo in NFL history?

Why NBA star Oscar Robertson backs legalized marijuana
Former NBA star Oscar Robertson backs Responsible Ohio, a group that wants to put ballot measure before voters this fall that would amend the Ohio Constitution to make marijuana legal for medical and personal use for those over 21 years old

Super Bowl XLIX: How Jimmy Garoppolo plays Russell Wilson
Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo preps his team's defense by imitating speedy Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson in practice.

As Somali-American fights no-fly list, FBI says his brother is most wanted
A federal judge on Friday questioned the constitutionality of the US government's no-fly list. In a twist, the FBI one day earlier put the brother of Gulet Mohamed, who has been fighting the no-fly list for four years, on its list of most-wanted terrorists.

Tiger Woods, working on fifth swing change, falls below Top 50
Tiger Woods shot 82 and missed the cut at the Phoenix Open. Instead of going to the Super Bowl on Sunday, he flew home to Florida on Friday.

Why Michelle Obama praises 'American Sniper' (+video)
First Lady Michelle Obama lauded the film for its portrayal of the 'complex journey' that veterans and their families experience.

Balloonists land, setting new trans-Pacific records (+video)
An American and Russian flew a helium-filled balloon from Japan to the coast of Mexico, landing early Saturday after a nearly 7,000-mile-long trip. 

With Romney out in 2016, race for GOP donors really begins (+video)
Many large donors had been waiting to commit until they heard whether or not Mitt Romney was going to make a third run for president.  Now that he's declared he will sit 2016 out, potential candidates are scrambling to get donors committed.

Record-setting journey across Pacific in a balloon
An American and Russian have traveled farther and longer in a gas balloon than anyone in history. They hope to land today in the US. 

Ohio delays all 2015 executions, amid scrutiny of lethal injection drugs
The postponement was announced three weeks after Ohio said it would no longer use a controversial drug that was employed in a series of executions that went awry last year.

Coast Guard rescues five after mast on luxury yacht snaps
Five people were rescued from the 55-foot luxury catamaran Rain Maker, reportedly owned by Pinterest investor Brian Cohen. 

In state of the NFL address, Roger Goodell reflects on self (+video)
'We obviously as an organization have gone through adversity but more importantly, adversity for me,' said the NFL commissioner during his annual Super Bowl state of the league address Friday.

California officials seek to regulate electronic cigarettes (+video)
California health officials say that e-cigarettes are a health threat that should be regulated like traditional tobacco products. 

Why Mitt will run in 2016 ... Oh, never mind!
Next question: Why didn’t Mitt run? At this point, I don’t know. I suspect no one else except Mitt himself does either. But that’s not going to stop many pundits from saying, 'I told you so.'

Could tipping reach a tipping point? Some restaurants try new model.
Some US restaurants are forgoing tips. The trend is small, but proponents suggest that ditching tipping could lead to more equitable wages for wait staff.

How these two women guided the Keystone bill through a divided Senate
GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Democrat Sen. Maria Cantwell, even though they disagreed on the outcome, shepherded the Keystone pipeline bill through a divided Senate with trust and good-faith negotiations. 

'Humans of New York' blog raises $1M for students facing hurdles to college (+video)
The 'Humans of New York' fundraising will enable a principal to take her sixth-graders out of their high-crime neighborhood in Brooklyn, N.Y., to visit Harvard.

West eyes new Russian sanctions amid renewed fighting in eastern Ukraine (+video)
Secretary of State John Kerry's upcoming meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov could be a last chance to find some common ground before the Russian-Western estrangement widens further.