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Christian Science Monitor

Another Eric Frein sighting. Another day of closed schools in Poconos
Classes were canceled Tuesday in the Pocono Mountain School District after at least two reported sightings of Eric Frein. Frein is a suspect in a Sept. 12 killing of a Pennsylvania state trooper.

Democrats' lead fades in Colorado Senate race. Is state not so blue after all?
Democratic Sen. Mark Udall appears to be distancing himself from an unpopular president but may have miscalculated by focusing so much of his campaign on women and reproductive rights. 

North Carolina on track to have costliest Senate race ever
The flood of advertising dollars into North Carolina symbolizes the growing influence of outside groups in political campaigns. Overall spending for the Senate race in the Tar Heel State could surpass $100 million.

CDC issues new protocols for health care workers treating Ebola patients
Under new CDC guidelines, health care workers treating patients diagnosed with Ebola must where head-to-toe protective covering and undergo specialized training.

Suspect in Hannah Graham disappearance charged in 2005 rape case
Jesse Matthew, the man believed to be responsible for the disappearance of a Virginia college student, has been charged in a 2005 rape case, and is suspected to have been involved in an additional 2002 rape case as well as a 2009 murder.

'Breaking Bad' crystal meth action figure: Good idea for Toys 'R' Us? (+video)
A Florida mother has started a petition against Toys 'R' Us selling 'Breaking Bad' action figures. They're in the adult section, but critics say they shouldn't be there at all.

Ferguson, Mo. plans an alternate Halloween for trick-or-treaters (+video)
The announcement of a free pumpkin walk to replace Halloween trick-or-treating coincides with new forensic revelations that, if true, could spark more widespread civil unrest in the community.

Monica Lewinsky joins Twitter: Why that's bad news for Hillary Clinton 2016 (+video)
Monica Lewinsky has re-entered public life, again. Why the former White House intern's return could pose a problem for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Time for GOP's Mitch McConnell to measure drapes for majority leader office? (+video)
Mitch McConnell, currently the Senate minority leader, has opened a small but apparently steady lead against his Democratic challenger. Also, forecasting models are increasingly pointing to a GOP Senate takeover.

Can Monica Lewinsky make a dent in cyberbullying? (+video)
Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern whose affair with President Clinton resulted in his impeachment, has launched a Twitter account in conjunction with her pledge to combat cyberbullying. 

Sharp divide in how key voters view US government's Ebola response (+video)
Republican voters in electoral battleground states have far less confidence in US efforts to fight Ebola than do Democrats, a new poll shows.

If voters leave an Obama rally, do Facebook users hear about it?
Some Facebook users have reported a potentially embarrassing story about President Obama as spam, making it difficult for some others to access the article from their news feeds or post the story themselves. 

Pumpkin Fair riot: Should Keene State College students be expelled? (+video)
College and city officials are reviewing video of the riots Saturday and Sunday at the Pumpkin Fair in Keene, N.H. What do Keene State College students say about punishment for participation? 

Maine again likely to elect a governor most voters didn't back, and it's okay
With a robust independent streak in state politics, Maine has elected a governor that won a majority of the vote only twice in the last 40 years. A third-party candidate may be about to help unpopular Gov. Paul LePage (R) win a second term.

Voters walk out of Obama rally. A big deal? (+video)
On Sunday, a crowd of people left early during a rally for Maryland's Democratic gubernatorial candidate, which featured President Obama. Is this a sign of how unpopular Mr. Obama has become? Maybe not.

Bodies of seven women found in Indiana. Mayor: Suspect is sex offender (+video)
Gary, Indiana Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson tells The Associated Press that the 43-year-old man in custody directed investigators to sites where bodies were found Saturday and Sunday.

Likely Eric Frein sighting causes school to boost security
A woman out for a walk Friday night spotted a rifle-toting man with a mud-covered face near Pocono Mountain East High School in Swiftwater. 

'Royals' banned: Why San Francisco won't listen to Lorde song (+video)
Royals banned: Baseball fans in San Francisco object to Lorde's song "Royals." But Kansas City fans have adopted the song as their own.

Why Michelle Knight 'forgives' her Cleveland kidnapper
Michelle Knight was kidnapped by Ariel Castro in 2002 when she was 21. She and two other women escaped from captivity in 2013. 

How much film violence for kids? Parents losing their compass, study says.
A new study shows that the more parents watch violence and sex in TV shows and movies, the more permissive they are of what their kids can watch. The results were 'stunning,' one researcher said.