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Rep. Chaka Fattah indicted on racketeering: What are the charges?
Congressman Fattah has stepped down from his post as the top Democrat on the House subcommittee that oversees Justice Department spending following the indictment.

LA City Council bans high-capacity ammunition magazines: Can they do that?
The council unanimously voted on Tuesday to outlaw the possession of gun magazines that can hold 10 or more rounds of ammunition. Gun rights groups say the move violates the Second Amendment.

Why won't Hillary Clinton answer the Keystone XL question?
Hillary Rodham Clinton is making headlines this week not for what she's saying on the campaign trail, but for what she's not.

Ohio police officer indicted on murder charge
A University of Cincinnati cop is accused of shooting and killing a motorist after stopping him for a missing front license plate.

Lew defends Obama's Iran deal ... and Treasury's overhaul of $10 bill
Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew says that President Obama has the votes in Congress to sustain a veto, if Republicans try to block his nuclear agreement with Iran. Also, he says, Alexander Hamilton will retain a place on US currency.

Search still 'active and open' for missing Florida teens, Coast Guard says
The teen's capsized boat was found Sunday, and the Coast Guard said it was searching the waters from Daytona Beach, Florida, north to South Carolina.

Gunshot victim: 911 caller says dispatcher hung up as friend was dying
Gunshot victim: 911 dispatcher in New Mexico told a shooting victim to "deal with it yourself." The dispatcher resigned Tuesday. 

Want to have an interesting life? Go to graduate school
Almost three-quarters of people with education or training beyond a four-year college degree said they learn or do something interesting every day. 

Thanks to anonymous donor, 8-year-old boy gets two new hands
A little boy from Maryland 'woke up smiling' with his new hands, said his doctor.

Patriot's Tom Brady breaks silence on upheld 'Deflategate' suspension
One day after the NFL upheld Brady's punishment for the 'Deflategate' scandal, the quarterback defended himself in a Facebook post. 

Missing Florida teens: Strategy shifts on Day 6 of search
Coast Guard crews on Wednesday extended the search for two 14-year old Florida boys to an area northward off the South Carolina coast.

Texas authorities hope Sandra Bland booking video will quell rumors
Texas authorities have released additional footage from Sandra Bland's time in jail to dispel angry allegations from the public, a judge said.

Tom Brady responds on Facebook to NFL suspension (+video)
Read Tom Brady's fierce 500-word response to a four-game suspension. 

Moving beyond suspicion, Muslims and Evangelicals seek common ground
Across the country, a number of evangelical congregations have been engaging Muslim neighbors in new ways, while Muslim charities have reached out to Christian churches during their time of need.

Milwaukee lion hunt: What's next?
Animal control workers in Milwaukee have set non-lethal traps baited with human food to catch a lion or possibly cougar spotted in the city. 

Down with Boehner? GOP congressman launches bid to oust House Speaker
Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) is leading a largely symbolic effort to strip Speaker John Boehner of his position, revealing growing discontent among conservatives in the House. 

New jail footage shows Sandra Bland 'alive and well' (+video)
Texas officials have released new video that shows Sandra Bland alive in her cell at the Waller County Jail. 

With hiring of Jen Welter, NFL's Arizona Cardinals make history (+video)
The Arizona Cardinals' hiring of Jen Welter as an intern to coach linebackers points to a nascent shift in pro sports. The meritocracy of 'just win' is just beginning to embrace women.

Yes, red states are attracting blue-state voters. But they don't stay red.
Red states offer lower housing costs, lower taxes, and less regulation than blue states. That's why so many blue-state voters are moving to the West or South.  In the short term, the red states gain power. in the longer term, they change.

US-Turkey military deal: A turning point in Obama's handling of Syria crisis? (+video)
With the Iran nuclear negotiations out of the way and President Obama in legacy-building mode, the White House is seen by some to be refocusing on the devastating conflict in Syria with the Turkey agreement.