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Christian Science Monitor

How women voters are scrambling Senate races – in both directions
In Colorado and New Hampshire, women voters are moving toward the Republican. In Georgia and Iowa, they're moving toward the Democrat.

Ferguson shooting: Evidence appears to support officer's version of events
Recent leaks out of the federal civil rights investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown suggest that there may not be a sufficient legal basis to proceed with criminal charges against Officer Wilson – a blow to protesters.

New York mayor: Doctor is first in NY with Ebola
A doctor who recently returned to New York City from West Africa has tested positive for the Ebola virus, announced Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Deaths at the US-Mexico border drop to 15-year low
The number of migrants who died or needed rescue while crossing the desert from Mexico into Arizona has dropped significantly this year.

Primanti Bros., iconic Pittsburgh sandwich-makers, to ship nationwide (+video)
Primanti Bros., a staple of Pittsburgh cuisine, has announced that it will begin shipping sandwiches nationwide, some assembly required. Steeler fans rejoice.

Fort Lauderdale joins urban movement to restrict feeding the homeless
Thirty-one US cities have restricted – or are moving to restrict – feeding the homeless outside, says a new report. Why Fort Lauderdale, Fla, just passed a new ordinance this week. 

Investigation of UNC highlights tensions over role of student-athletes (+video)
An report released Wednesday details the extent of the so-called shadow curriculum at the University of North Carolina that let student-athletes take fake classes to boost their grades. 

Why Kansas is set to become focus of same-sex marriage fight (+video)
Kansas officials say they are not bound by a Supreme Court decision that allowed federal court rulings in support of same-sex marriage to stand. In a court hearing Friday, they will defend the state's ban on gay marriage.

Latest White House fence jumper held without bond
Dominic Adesanya made a court appearance Thursday in front of a federal magistrate judge.

More and more, bystanders recording NYPD – including arrest of subway musician (+video)
Andrew Kalleen recently was arrested in a New York subway for performing without a permit, which 'buskers' and their supporters say is not required. They see such incidents as examples of increasing police harassment.

The attack on Canada's Parliament and the 'lone wolf' terrorist
The biggest problem with the lone wolf terrorist, whether in Canada or the US, is that there doesn’t seem to be much that law enforcement can do about them.

Will this shocking atheist pamphlet be handed out in some Florida schools?
An atheist group's plans to distribute a sexually-explicit pamphlet, invoking the Bible, at some Florida high schools is at the center of a dispute pitting school officials against the Freedom from Religion Foundation, which uses the First Amendment to defend its actions.

Did Elizabeth Warren just hint she might run for president in 2016? (+video)
Elizabeth Warren, freshman Massachusetts senator and liberal hero, told People magazine she doesn't think she'll run for president, but then talked about 'amazing doors that could open.' Hmm. 

White House fence-jumper: What happened to dogs who caught him?
This fence-jumper didn't even get close to the Executive Mansion, as the Secret Service released two big Belgian Malinois dogs, trained to 'act as a missile,' who ran the intruder to ground. Hurricane and Jordan are doing fine. 

School yearbook photos: 'No' to cats and chihuahuas. 'Yes' to firearms?
A Nebraska high school has lifted the ban on firearms in school yearbook portraits. But a New York school banned a student from posing with a cat. 

How the Penguins and the NHL honored Ottawa shooting victims (+video)
Spectators of two American hockey teams joined together to sing the Canadian national anthem to honor victims of a deadly shooting in Canada's capital Wednesday.

World Series 2014: Royals rebound for Game 2 win over Giants (+video)
Kansas City used a five-run sixth-inning offensive outburst to even the series against San Francisco at a game apiece. Game 3 is Friday night in California.

Do women voters favor women candidates? Not really, Iowa shows. (+video)
Republican Joni Ernst and Democrat Staci Appel are trying to become the first women to be elected to Congress from Iowa. But their different approaches to the milestone point to an underlying truth for women in politics. 

US increases security following Canada shooting (+video)
Canada shooting: Following the fatal shootings at a Canadian war memorial, the US military upped security at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. The FBI and Homeland Security said the US had not received specific threats.

Secret Service dogs nab White House fence jumper (+video)
An unidentified man who climbed the White House fence shortly after 7 p.m. on Wednesday was immediately apprehended by uniformed agents and K-9 teams. The incident comes on the heels of other Secret Service security breaches.