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Christian Science Monitor

Slick video with hostage John Cantlie shows Islamic State is upping its game
In the Islamic State video, British journalist John Cantlie explains what he says is the 'truth' about the Islamic State. The video appears to target the war-weary populations of the West, the US and Britain in particular.

Why Senate vote on training Syrian rebels was a bit unusual
The Senate plan to train Syrian rebels passed with bipartisan support Thursday. But there was also strong bipartisan opposition, which points to a fuller debate in December after the midterm elections.

King Fire points to California's drought-driven fire future
Years of drought, plus sharp wind changes and steep terrain, are making California’s King Fire particularly difficult. Such dangerous blazes can move very rapidly, experts warn.

Rush is wrong on Reagan
Rush Limbaugh recalls the Reagan years as a time when 'it was exciting to be a Republican,' but he's overlooking the searing criticism Reagan sustained at the hands of conservatives over taxes, nuclear arms, and big deficits.

How attorney general hopes to mend relations between police and communities
In the wake of the Ferguson, Mo., protests, US Attorney General Eric Holder has announced a $4.75 million program designed to examine racial bias in law enforcement.

Judge Mark Fuller under fire as domestic violence spotlight widens beyond NFL
US District Judge Mark Fuller was arrested in early August on charges of misdemeanor battery against his wife. At least seven members of the US Congress are calling on him to resign in light of the domestic violence case.

JetBlue flight makes emergency landing in Calif. over 'overheat warning'
None of the 142 passengers and five crew members was injured during the evacuation, though medical personnel tended to three passengers at the scene and one other was taken to a hospital for observation, airport spokeswoman Cassie Perez-Harmison said.

Air Force does quick about face on 'So help me God'
When an atheist enlisted man scratched out ‘So help me God’ on his reenlistment document, the Air Force said he couldn’t reenlist. That decision was quickly reversed when embarrassment and the threat of a lawsuit based on the US Constitution followed.

Apple to consumers: Trust us, our devices are secure
The day before Apple's next-generation iPhones become widely available, Apple is seeking to reassure customers that their devices are secure and that customers' information will not be turned over to either third-party advertisers or to government officials.

Eric Frein: Is reenactor waging private cold war on Pa. cops?
Eric Frein, who is accused of killing one police officer and wounding another, appears to have taken the role he plays as a Serbian soldier in the cold-war era into real life, investigators say.

NFL Thursday Night Football: Can Buccaneers break through versus Falcons?
Both Tampa Bay and Atlanta play their second divisional game in the season's first three weeks when they meet in the Georgia Dome Thursday night.

Why is GOP's Karl Rove warning Democrats might keep Senate?
Republican strategist Rove notes that, to this point, Democrats have outraised and outspent Republicans on Senate races. Could money outweigh President Obama's poor approval ratings and greater enthusiasm among GOP voters?

Why Ukraine's plight has yet to set off alarms at the White House (+video)
Ukrainian President Poroshenko's call for more military and economic aid has won strong backers in Congress, including among Democrats, but President Obama has been wary of offering lethal military aid. 

Wildfire grows explosively, state of emergency declared in Calif. (+video)
Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency late Wednesday, freeing up funds for the two fires. Brown had also secured federal grants to fight each of them.

NFL's Arizona Cardinals move quickly to deactivate Jonathan Dwyer after arrest
Following the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson cases, NFL teams are now on notice to move quickly when their employees break the law.

Convictions reversed for two men in 1992 kidnapping case
The panel ruled Wednesday that authorities withheld information that might have cleared Everton Wagstaffe and Reginald Connor of the charges.

Air Force allows atheists to skip oath to God
The US Air Force policy change comes after an atheist airman in Nevada struck out the words 'so help me God' on his Department of Defense reenlistment paperwork.

Police study videos in search for missing Virginia college student
The hunt for University of Virginia student Hannah E. Graham continued Thursday. On Wednesday night, police studied two new videos showing Graham being followed by a man at the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Va.

PepsiCo CEO urges NFL to 'seize the moment' on domestic abuse
PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi said in a statement that the NFL has a chance to address the 'repugnant behavior' of a few players, and to 'effect positive change with the situation presented to them.'

Michigan fifth grader with gun at school also had list of names
An 11-year-old boy's teacher found a list of student names on the back of a homework assignment, after the Kingsley Middle School student was expelled for bringing a loaded pistol to school.