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Harvard grad's inspiring spoken-word poem goes viral
Donovan Livingston, who received his master's degree in education, addressed his classmates Wednesday with a five-minute spoken-word poem "Lift Off."

Capacity crowds: Is the era of restricted access to US national parks here?
After a record-breaking 75.3 million visitors in 2015, the National Park Service is looking at ways to manage the crowds at its most popular locations.

As America took to the skies for Memorial Day, did TSA finally get it right?
On a busy Memorial Day travel weekend, some signs that the TSA airport security logjam may be easing. 

Presidential race reveals violent attitudes toward minorities
While political violence is not unknown, like the 1968 violence at the Democratic National Convention, rarely has it been targeted so specifically at minorities, say experts.

Vintage P-47 aircraft crashes in Hudson River, pilot killed (+video)
The P-47 Thunderbolt crashed Friday in the Hudson River during a promotion for the American Airpower Museum.

The reinvention of the American South
The backlash against LGBT rights is front-and-center. But the cultural shift on the Confederate flag shows how things are changing – and faster than it might appear.

More reasons Trump-Sanders debate might blow up politics as we know it
Fox News host Bret Baier confirmed Friday that talks are under way about a possible extracurricular political mano-a-mano that would cap an anti-establishment primary season.

Iowa High Court bans life-without-parole sentences for all juveniles
In the majority opinion of the Iowa Supreme Court, even juveniles who commit the severest crimes deserve the possibility of a second chance.

Should sacred tribal objects be for sale? Paris auction angers native Americans.
Plans to put many native American sacred objects up for bid Monday have sparked criticism. In the United States, tribal laws forbid individuals from selling such items. 

This is what Donald Trump had to say about climate change
Nothing. He didn't mention climate change in a big energy speech, and that points to Republicans' evolving approach to the issue.

Wilderness survival: Do hikers rely too much on technology?
Geraldine Largay, the hiker whose remains were found two years after she disappeared hiking the Appalachian Trail, didn't know how to read a compass, new documents released Wednesday show.

Trump wants GOP to be 'worker's party.' Already there?
A prediction by Donald Trump actually points to what's already happened. The Republican Party is by some measures the party of the working class – or to be precise the white working class. 

National Spelling Bee ends in a tie, but grace was the real winner
Nihar Janga shares the trophy with Jairam Hathwar to become the youngest winner in the nationally beloved bee's history.

Louisiana becomes first state to etch 'Blue Lives Matter' into law
The Pelican State takes the lead as the first in the nation to extend hate-crime protections to first responders.

With Trump vs. Clinton looming, Libertarians get a look
Major donors are going to Orlando this weekend, where Libertarians are expected to nominate two popular former Republican governors.

Millennials living with parents? It's not just a weak economy.
For the first time on record, more Americans age 18 to 34 are living with their parents than with a spouse or significant other. 

Trapped group escapes Kentucky cave through neck-deep water
Nineteen people escaped Hidden River Cave more than six hours after entering. 

Baylor demotes president and fires coach amid sexual assault scandal
A review found that school administrators contributed to or accommodated a "hostile" environment against the alleged victims of sexual assault.

US-Russian citizens’ diplomacy, with a side of skeet-shooting
At a historic Russian resort, where Leonid Brezhnev once shot a wild boar for Henry Kissinger, Americans and Russians address deepening tensions.

Governor Snyder calls off Flint investigation (+video)
Gov. Rick Snyder called off an internal State Police investigation of the Flint water crisis today after letters from the Attorney General stated that multiple investigations could hinder progress in solving the public health crisis.