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IRS says thieves stole tax info from 100,000
Identity thieves have stepped up their efforts in recent years to claim fraudulent tax refunds. The IRS estimates it paid out $5.8 billion in fraudulent refunds to identity thieves in 2013.

When expert testimony isn't: Tainted evidence wreaks havoc in courts, lives
Across the country, the criminal justice system is grappling with the fallout from decades of faulty analysis in criminal cases that may have resulted in thousands of wrongful convictions. 

Obama administration loses bid to move forward on immigration action (+video)
An appeals court on Tuesday rejected the government’s argument that a program promising special status and work permits to some illegal immigrants should be allowed to move forward while the underlying legal case is litigated.

Bernie Sanders 2016: Can he raise a liberal army? (+video)
It’s debatable whether liberals are a strong force in US national politics. But it's much more likely they’re increasingly powerful within the Democratic Party itself.

Cleveland agrees to federal police reforms: How often does DOJ intervene? (+video)
The Cleveland Police Department, under intense scrutiny for recent police shootings of unarmed African-Americans, has agreed to begin a lengthy reform process under Justice Department oversight.

Hillary's 'Everyday Pantsuit Tee': How cheeky tees and tchotchkes pay big political dividends (+video)
Presidential campaign supporter material has grown exponentially over the decades. It's so much more than just lapel buttons and bumper stickers.

Supreme Court to examine if Texas districts violate one person, one vote (+video)
Texas relies on a state’s total population, rather than eligible voters, to draw voting districts. In effect, that means voters in some districts have more voting clout than in other districts.

Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick announces bid to challenge McCain for Senate seat
Democratic Arizona Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick said Tuesday she will challenge Republican John McCain for his Senate seat next year.

PacSun's flag T-shirt: Patriotism turned on its head (+video)
A clothing retailer runs into trouble by producing and marketing a T-shirt that some found offensive.

Severe storms leave Houston residents stranded without power (+video)
Some parts of the Houston metropolitan area received more than ten inches of rain Monday night, making many roads impassable as floodwaters continued to rise.

How one Massachusetts town turned around early reading program
One school in Malden, Mass., is outpacing schools across the state in early reading literacy. Here’s How.

Arctic drilling update: Protester leaves Shell ship after hanging on since Friday
Student activist Chiara D'Angelo, who has been hanging off the anchor chain of an Arctic oil-drilling support ship since Friday night, has ended her protest.

President Obama honors the fallen: 'A debt we will never stop trying to fully repay' (+video)
President Obama spoke of the sacrifices made by service members and their families, and noted that this is the first Memorial Day without a ground war in 14 years.

Anonymous threats prompt military jet escort and three plane searches (+video)
Four international flights received heightened scrutiny 'out of an abundance of caution' after telephone threats that did not appear to be credible, say authorities.

Fall of Ramadi: Iran, Iraq say US is the one who 'showed no will to fight'
After Defense Secretary Ashton Carter accused Iraqi troops of showing 'no will to fight,' Iraq and Iran took issue with his statements. US military experts say the two countries may have a point.

Why Bernie Sanders is appealing to Elizabeth Warren fans
Sen. Bernie Sanders is laying out a progressive agenda that sounds familiar to 'Draft Warren' supporters — rein in Wall Street banks, tackle college debt, and create an infrastructure jobs program.

When did US North and South unite on Memorial Day?
The North and South commemorated separate decoration days for many years, before Memorial Day evolved into a national remembrance.

Plains torrents loosen drought’s grip: Is this ‘weather whiplash?'
At least 12 people are missing in Texas after the Blanco River shattered a 1929 crest record by six feet, causing 'catastrophic' flooding, the National Weather Service said.

On Memorial Day, Ramadi's fall forces Iraq vets to find deeper meaning in sacrifice
Memorial Day comes as the Islamic State makes gains in Iraq, unraveling the work many Iraq War veterans did.

Islamic State on the march? What fall of Ramadi tells us.
A newly resurgent Islamic State took two important cities last week: Ramadi in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria. It continues the sorting of Iraq and Syria into sectarian realms.