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Boston duck boat crash raises anew safety questions
A woman riding a scooter was struck and killed Saturday by a duck boat, an amphibious sightseeing vehicle, in downtown Boston.

‘Accept it’: From resignation to jubilation, GOP slowly warms to Trump
Mainstream Republicans have fought to slow Donald Trump's momentum, but now some GOP insiders are embracing his apparently inevitable nomination.

BYU rape controversy: Could honor code 'amnesty' be a solution?
Local police have joined calls for Brigham Young University to revise its honor code policies to grant leniency to sexual assault victims. A school with similar Mormon values could offer a possible path forward. 

Five killed in east Texas flooding Saturday
A woman and four children were killed early Saturday after a creek overflowed its banks, flooding an East Texas neighborhood as many residents slept.

How San Francisco police are tackling racism in the ranks
Amid a racist texting scandal, all San Francisco police must take an anti-harassment class. Newly provided police texting transcripts denigrate minority suspects with racial slurs and insult colleagues perceived to be gay.

These numbers show the GOP is more worried about itself
Two polls show that Republicans are worried about how their party looks from the inside and the outside. 

Voters' dilemma: What happens if it's Hillary vs. Trump?
Many voters aren't enthused about the prospect of a Clinton vs. Trump election. So, will they fall in line and back one – or not? 

Teen pregnancies at all-time low. Is peer influence responsible?
The decline in the teen pregnancy rates is due to several factors, including contraceptives and education. But teenagers are also waiting longer to have sex.

Sold-out Donald Trump rally in California leads to violent clashes
'Dump the Trump' protesters clashed with Trump supporters in Orange County, Calif., on Thursday night.

Would cash prizes entice gunmakers to invest in 'smart gun' tech?
The Obama administration plans to invite weapons manufacturers to test so-called smart-gun technology at an Army facility. Cash incentives could sweeten the deal.

Why Boehner's 'Lucifer' jab at Ted Cruz shows Trump is winning
Often, the preferences of party insiders prove pivotal in deciding on a nominee. In 2016, 'the party decides' model is turned on its head as Republican elites have refused to rally around one candidate.

How Freddie Gray's death changed Baltimore, and its election
This week, the citizens of Baltimore voted – and their numbers exceeded even the primary election that led to America’s first black president.

As college prices soar, poorest students fall further behind
The college attainment gap between higher and lower income families is huge and growing. Affordability plays a big role.

Could shipping container homes offer a solution for urban housing crunch?
In Phoenix, a developer built eight 740-square-foot homes that offer modern conveniences and a more urban location. 'Cargotecture' styles can also vary, offering more affordable alternatives to renters and developers.

Why brother of San Bernardino shooter is facing federal charges
Syed Raheel Farook, his wife, and the wife of the only person charged in the terrorist attack in San Bernardino have all been indicted in federal court.

John Wayne Day idea nixed: How should 'Duke' be remembered?
Lawmakers voted down a proposal to honor the actor citing racist comments. Supporters of John Wayne Day attribute concerns to 'the orthodoxy of political correctness.'

The face of American political corruption might be about to change
The case of former Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell, heard by the Supreme Court this week, could reframe what constitutes corruption.

Hastert's accuser to remain under shroud of mystery
An Illinois judge said Thursday that the accuser of former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, known publicly as Individual A, is allowed to remain anonymous until the next hearing.

Church tackles Hawaii's homeless problem with igloos from Alaska
With a surging homeless crisis in Hawaii, the First Assembly of God has set up 12 fiberglass igloos to provide shelter, privacy, and dignity for those in need.

Joe Biden in Baghdad: Is the US making headway against ISIS?
The vice president visited Baghdad Thursday in part to address growing concerns about Iraqi national unity.