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Christian Science Monitor

Trans-Pacific Partnership could be thorn in Hillary Clinton's side
Hillary Clinton has uttered not a word about the potential Trans-Pacific Partnership. Free-trade deals and their impact on workers can be a thorny impact for Democrats.

Limbo for millions of immigrants as Obama action stalls: What next?
A federal appeals court is weighing whether to lift an injunction against an Obama executive action designed to give 'legal presence' to up to half of the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants.

From Jeb Bush to Lindsey Graham: 2016 GOP hopefuls storm New Hampshire
Jeb Bush is among nearly 20 Republican White House prospects featured at a New Hampshire GOP conference this weekend. On Friday, the former Florida governor delivered a standing-room-only speech.

Huckabee poised to jump into GOP primary
Mike Huckabee said Friday he would make an announcement May 5, in Hope, Arkansas. In recent months, the former Arkansas governor has taken steps to launch a second White House bid. 

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Obama pushes US lead role in Asia
President Obama wants to anchor Asian countries that are increasingly tied to China’s economy to a free-market economy upholding Western standards and values.

Eleven injured in natural gas pipeline explosion at Calif. gun range
An explosion caused when a construction crew hit a Pacific Gas & Electric Co. pipe Friday, left at least 11 people injured and brought traffic on Highway 99 in Fresno to a halt, as 100 foot-high flames towered over the roadway.

Obama plans to sign bill allowing Congressional review of Iran deal
Saying he was confident it would not derail talks with Tehran, President Obama indicated Friday he would sign a bill allowing Congress to review the deal concerning Iran's nuclear program.

From Loretta Lynch to Iran, Obama's had enough of the GOP
In the final quarter of his presidency, Barack Obama is going on the offensive, targeting Republican lawmakers on topics from climate change to the Iran nuclear deal to the delayed confirmation of attorney general Loretta Lynch.

Yellow submarine: Navy hopes new drone revolutionizes how war is fought
The banana-hued, boxcar-sized drone was on display at the Navy’s Sea-Air-Space conference this week in National Harbor, Md. It can stay underwater for 30 days – and launch weapons.

How court battle over Obama immigration action could be road map for reform (+video)
Government lawyers urged a panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Friday to lift an injunction against President Obama's controversial executive action on immigration.

Obama, Renzi to work together on Libya threats
Italy is struggling to cope with an influx of migrants who are risking their lives to flee instability in Libya and other parts of North Africa and the Middle East by crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

Applause for No Child Left Behind rewrite, but concerns remain
The Senate bill would continue to require some current levels of testing, but it would allow states to set up their own accountability systems.

Millions of angry bees get loose after truck crash on I-5 in Washington state (+video)
Bees swarmed a West Coast highway after a truck they were riding in crashed. Why were they cruising down the highway in the first place?

Martin O'Malley attacks Hillary Clinton! Uh, really?
Progressives saw O’Malley’s jab about Clinton changing her mind on gay marriage and immigration as a reminder to not take their votes for granted. Conservatives welcomed the comparison of Clinton as the 'Democratic Party's Mitt Romney.'

Why parents of 8-year-old Boston Marathon bombing victim oppose death penalty (+video)
With the penalty phase of the Boston Marathon bombing trial a few days away, family members of several victims have called for the bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, to be spared the death penalty.

Adolescent e-cigarette use triples: Is 'vaping' renormalizing nicotine? (+video)
Teen use of traditional cigarettes fell 25 percent between 2013 and 2014, but experts worry that the surge in electronic cigarettes could be just as harmful.

Washington just finished a surprisingly bipartisan week. Here's how. (+video)
This week, Senate committees reached accords on three divisive issues: Iran, trade, and overhaul of the No Child Left Behind law.

How #IWishMyTeacherKnew can help teachers support students (+video)
A third grade teacher from Colorado asked students to share one thing they wished she knew about them. Their honesty highlights not only the struggles youth face, but also the need for greater classroom connectivity.

Why parents of Marathon bombing victim say no to death penalty (+video)
Bill and Denise Richard lost their son, Martin, in the deadly twin blasts at the Boston Marathon two years ago.

Tennessee plan to make Bible 'official' book derailed
The state's attorney general has warned that the bill would violate separation of church and state provisions of both the federal and state constitutions.