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US airman who helped stop French train attack stabbed in hometown
Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone, one of American military men who stopped a terror attack on a French train last summer, was stabbed early Thursday but is expected to survive.

Hillary and the economy: She's not Bill
On economics, Hillary Clinton so far looks a lot more like Barack Obama than Bill Clinton. The Pacific trade deal is an example. 

McCarthy drops out of speaker race as House asks: Who wants this job? (+video)
The speakership is one of the toughest jobs in Washington, especially when it includes trying to contain a Republican civil war.

Why the government has so little data on police violence
FBI Director James Comey criticized the lack of official data available on police-involved shootings Wednesday, saying some private newspapers so far have done a better job at producing statistics.

Will climate change ruin Thanksgiving? (+video)
The supply of one of Thanksgiving's most iconic foods could be threatened as the result of bad weather earlier this year.

Florida 'pastor protection act' a symbol of lost faith in legal system
Florida is considering a bill to shield pastors from legal reprisals for not performing gay marriages. It shows a lack of trust in protections pastors already have. 

Hybrid online/on-campus master's degree promises to 'democratize' MIT
Is MIT's gamble on cheaper, more accessible education enough to revive ed-tech's dreams of revolutionizing higher ed?

Indiana fraternity hazing video shows social media's positive impact
Photos, video, and social media are bringing unprecedented transparency and awareness to a range of issues – from hazing to racism to police violence.

Why Delaware canceled pumpkin chucking festival
Organizers cancelled Delaware's Punkin Chunkin World Championships a month out because they could not find good insurance. The event had already been moved because of a lawsuit two years ago.

Why do men want to legalize pot more than women do?
A new poll suggests men are far more likely than women to support legalized marijuana for recreational use, and experts say the reason why is simple. 

McCarthy stuns House GOP by pulling out of race for Speaker. What now?
House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy has withdrawn his candidacy for Speaker of the House, leaving Republicans in disarray. 

Ben Carson, President Obama, and the politics of a 'real black president'
A single tweet from Rupert Murdoch Wednesday has revived debate about who should speak for black voters.

Campus hazing: Graphic video prompts Indiana University to suspend frat
Hazing has been an increasingly large issue within Greek societies. How are school administrators responding? 

Why is it now legal to gamble on the 2016 elections?
The website PredictIt lets visitors gamble on the outcomes on elections and other world events, all in the name of science.

Oklahoma used wrong drug in January execution, autopsy shows
The same drug was delivered for the Sept. 30 execution of Richard Glossip, who received a last-minute stay because of the mistake.

Donald Trump's latest shocker: He defends Ben Carson
Donald Trump has been prickly toward most Republicans in the presidential field. But he defended Ben Carson's comments about the Oregon shootings. 

John Boehner as John Wayne: Does the speaker have one last hurrah?
With time running down on his commission, John Wayne – as Capt. Nathan Brittles in 'She Wore a Yellow Ribbon' – decides to rush off to lead his troop one last time. 

South Carolina residents return home as the state takes stock of its losses
US Sen. Lindsey Graham estimated the cleanup may cost $1 billion.

Cubs one step closer to World Series after winning wild card game
Chicago, behind stellar pitching from Jake Arrieta, ended the Pirates' season in Pittsburgh Wednesday night.

DraftKings open to regulation as it works to regain trust
While legal in most states, fantasy sports betting is unregulated, unlike casinos and lotteries. That could change in the wake of recent cheating allegations.