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Big Chill in the Northeast: What's behind it and how to cope
The National Weather Service says the coldest air mass of the winter may hit the Eastern U.S. this weekend.

Ted Cruz on immigration: How his views have shifted
The change of heart on immigration reflects Ted Cruz's small but important shift to the right on one of the presidential race's hottest issues.

What happens if Donald Trump wins big in South Carolina?
Despite Palmetto State polling, establishment insiders still think Donald Trump won't grab the nomination, but, if so, when will he stop winning?

What's Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders's new pet phrase?
Thursday night's Democratic debate highlighted a trending tic among politicians. Here's what is and what it really means.

Amid big uncertainties, Syria truce deal might mean some relief for civilians
A truce allowing aid to reach trapped populations could forestall a looming humanitarian disaster in Syria. But huge challenges endure.

'Right to work' is now law of the land in more than half of US states
Laws banning companies from requiring workers to pay union dues as a condition of employment have gained popularity in recent years among Republicans-dominated state legislatures. On Friday, West Virginia became the 26th state to join those ranks.

How Ohio diners helped police find machete-wielding attacker
Eyewitnesses provided police with a description of the suspect, and video as well.

Should the US help South Korea establish a missile defense system?
The United States is currently considering imposing additional economic sanctions on North Korea following the increasingly belligerent nation's rocket launch earlier this month. South Korean defense officials are expected to ask for more material assistance next week.

Happy Abraham Lincoln's Birthday! Now get back to work.
A few states celebrate Feb. 12 as a special day of recognition, but Lincoln’s Birthday is not now and never has been a federal holiday. Here's why.

Oregon occupation is over, but issues raised are still unresolved
As the standoff draws to a close, the Oregon standoff is a tale of friendship, support, and humanity. 

Clinton vs. Sanders: Who can hug Obama tighter?
As the Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders battle moves to more diverse states, President Obama's link to minority voters looms large.

Frigid Valentine weekend ahead: Who's in for a polar plunge?
A polar vortex, much like the one that brought record-low temperatures to much of the United States in 2014, is once again pushing Arctic air into the United States.

US-Mexican drug sting signals a shift in relationship
The United States and Mexico have long worked together to fight the drug trade, but a recent operation highlighted a new level of cooperation.

What New York cop's conviction means for Black Lives Matter
New York police officer Peter Liang was convicted of manslaughter and official misconduct in the death of Akai Gurley in a darkened public housing stairwell.

How Hillary Clinton lost young (white) women
As the Clinton campaign turns its attention to South Carolina, its drubbing in New Hampshire suggests Hillary Clinton's feminist credentials simply don't appeal to young women.

NYC officer convicted of manslaughter in stairwell shooting
Activists have looked to the trial as a counterweight to cases in which juries have declined to indict officers. The charge carries up to 15 years in prison.

Ted Cruz uses dolls to call Donald Trump liberal. Will that work? (+video)
The Texas Senator's latest ad campaign is amusing, but it seems his line of attack on the billionaire as a closet liberal is wearing thin.

Has the gender pay gap decreased – or is that just what we'd like to think? (+video)
More than 70 percent of people in North American and Europe believe men and women are already being paid equally for equal work.

Oregon standoff ends, but its new kind of 'protest' is just beginning (+video)
The occupiers at the Oregon refuge, who surrendered Thursday, defended their action as free speech. Others saw it as armed intimidation. 

Are tampons luxury items or essential goods? Utah measure revives debate.
An all male legislative committee in Utah voted down a measure that would have made purchases of feminine hygiene products exempt from sales tax. The debate over so-called tampon taxes has struck a chord both in the United States and abroad.