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Christian Science Monitor

Nude celebrity photo hack: How safe is your data in cloud storage?
Nude photos of dozens of celebrities, presumably stolen from cloud storage services, started appearing online Sunday night. Here's how the rest of us can keep personal data safe.

Eric Cantor takes Wall Street job. Will he ever run for office again?
Former House majority leader Eric Cantor has taken a high-paying job at a Wall Street investment bank. If he ever decided to run for office again, his opponent would have a field day with that.

Florida speed trap: Police required to write 12 tickets per day, say officers
Waldo, Fla., is under investigation for writing large numbers of speeding tickets. Half the town's $1 million annual budget is from ticket revenue.

Knee wars: Delta Air Lines flight diverted by seat recliner fight (+video)
Two passengers argued over a reclining seat during a Delta flight from New York to West Palm Beach, Fla. Monday. The flight was diverted to Jacksonville, Fla.

How did 32 teens escape from detention center?
Thirty-two teenagers made a break from a Nashville youth detention center Monday night. Half have been recaptured overnight, but another 17 are still on the run.

Texas and Louisiana abortion laws blocked, but are clinics disappearing?
Two federal court decisions in Texas and Louisiana have delayed the closure of many abortion clinics. But nationwide, the number of clinics is shrinking.

Rick Perry deletes tweet about drunk Democrat. Why did he bother? (+video)
Texas Gov. Rick Perry ordered an unflattering tweet of a political rival deleted from his account. But frankly, it wasn't so far out of line from his other attacks. 

Republican says 'hundreds' of Americans have joined Islamic State. True? (+video)
The number of Americans who have joined the Islamic State is unclear. The figure cited Sunday by Rep. Mike Rogers might be high, some groups say, but there are 'legitimate concerns about this issue.'

Why Rick Perry deleted a disparaging tweet
Texas Gov. Rick Perry deleted what was described as an "unauthorized tweet" from his verified Twitter account. The tweet posted an unflattering mock image of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg.

Why federal judge blocked Louisiana law restricting abortions
The Louisiana law requires doctors who work in any of five abortion clinics to have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles of their clinics. A lawsuit is challenging the new law, claiming doctors haven't had enough time to obtain the privileges and the law likely would close all five clinics.

Ferguson police now wearing cameras: How much might that help? (+video)
Ferguson police are now wearing cameras to record officer-citizen encounters, and other departments across the country are considering doing the same.

Driving stoned? States prep for marijuana DUI
Legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington is raising highway safety concerns. It's illegal to drive while high on pot in every state.

White House may hold off on immigration action until after election
If President Obama's acting on his own on immigration before the election prompts more Republican voters to go to the polls in swing states, it could end up costing the Democrats the Senate. That's why he may put off executive action.

McConnell campaign manager resigns, amid probe into Iowa bribery scandal
Jesse Benton, who also managed Ron Paul's 2008 and '12 presidential campaigns, said that he did not want to become a 'distraction' in Mitch McConnell's reelection bid.

Why Democrats will keep the Senate: A contrarian analysis of the 2014 midterms
Sam Wang gives Democrats a 72 percent chance of keeping control of the Senate. It's not a widely held view, but he did accurately predict every Senate race in 2012. Here's why the pundits may be underestimating Democrats this year.

Obama ponders action against Islamic State extremists. What do Americans think? (+video)
Pew finds most Americans think President Obama is 'not tough enough' on foreign policy and national security. But most also are war-weary and don’t think the US has a responsibility to 'do something about the violence in Iraq.'

Iraq operations cost $7.5 million per day, says Pentagon (+video)
Iraq operations since mid-June have cost the US $560 million, according to a Pentagon report released Friday.

Behind the gavel of America's busiest judge
Robert Brack's crowded docket in a New Mexico federal courtroom shows the effects of a tougher US immigration policy.

Yusmeiro Petit, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, sets MLB record
Yusmeiro Petit retired 46 successive batters over a five-week streak. The 47th batter, Colorado pitcher Jordan Lyles, ended the record-setting streak with a double.

John Kerry: US will build coalition to fight 'cancer' of Islamic State
John Kerry writes: '...no decent country can support the horrors perpetrated by ISIS, and no civilized country should shirk its responsibility to help stamp out this disease.'