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Gun-shaped cell phone case: harmless fun or dangerous accessory?
A New Jersey prosecutor took to Facebook to caution residents that a new cellphone case shaped like a gun is 'not a cool product or a good idea.'

Hillary Clinton has raised $45 million in campaign contributions so far
The chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign says more than 90 percent of the donations were less than $100.

Holy smokes? Indiana Church of Cannabis holds first service
A pot-smoking church formed to test Indiana's new Religious Freedom Restoration Act held its inaugural service Wednesday – but without the guest of honor, cannabis itself.

Gaggle of Girl Scouts camps out on White House lawn
Fifty fourth-grade Girl Scouts camped out with the president and first lady as part of Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move! Outside' initiative.

Scott Walker holds lead in Iowa poll, but maybe not for long
Gov. Scott Walker, a frontrunner from neighboring Wisconsin, is leading Iowa Republican caucuses, but his numbers are dropping.

Ted Cruz's 'audition' for 'The Simpsons': Eeexcellent or D'oh?
Buzzfeed got presidential candidate Ted Cruz to 'audition' for 'The Simpsons,' and he nailed it. But was it undignified or smart voter outreach? We think we know the answer.

Why more states are considering marijuana legalization
Oregon is one of four states, in addition to the District of Columbia, that has legalized recreational marijuana.

Chicago implements $10 minimum wage. Other cities aim for $15 by 2020.
The pay hike is a step toward a $13 minimum wage in Chicago by 2019. Other cities plan on pushing the rate to $15 by 2020. 

New stars emerge as Team USA heads to the World Cup Final
The US Women's team clocked its fifth straight shutout on Tuesday, beating No. 1 seed Germany 2-0 in Montreal.

Why Chris Christie is big presence in the GOP race, despite Bridge-gate
Christie won't pander to the far right, beat up on gays, or bash immigrants. He will be making it easier for the eventual Republican nominee to be similarly restrained.

Why is Donald Trump surging in early polls?
Trump's name recognition and high visibility may be the reason for his meteoric rise in national and state polls.

Tase a city official as a 'prize': Is this a smart fundraiser?
Police fundraiser: An Iowa town is holding a $5 raffle whose winner will be given the chance to use a stun gun on a city official. 

California mandates vaccinations in schools
Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill requiring that all California schoolchildren be vaccinated, making the Golden State the third and largest to do so.

You can now take selfies, but not selfie sticks, on the White House tour
The White House announced Wednesday that it will allow photos on the public tour for the first time in 40 years. The new policy is the latest move expand access to the residence on the tour.

Why the NSA can still legally collect your phone data
The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruled on Monday that the NSA can continue collecting Americans’ phone data records for at least five more months.

After 50 years, US to reestablish embassy in Cuba
The United States and Cuba have reached an agreement to reopen embassies in Havana and Washington, President Obama announced Wednesday.

High society: Oregonians toke up legally for first time
Oregon is the fourth US state to legalize recreational marijuana use.

What did Michelle Obama announce via Instagram?
Michelle Obama announced that White House visitors can now take photos and Tweet or post to Instagram during  tours of the building. And, the Girl Scouts had a sleepover on the White House lawn. 

Same-sex marriage: Will conservative religious colleges lose tax-exempt status?
After last week's landmark Supreme Court ruling, the tax-exempt status of conservative religious institutions whose policies don't extend housing and other benefits to same-sex couples could be in question.

Women's World Cup: US headed to finals after blanking Germany
Goals by Carli Lloyd and Kelley O'Hara pushed the Americans past the Germans in Tuesday night's World Cup semifinal.