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Obamacare in court... again. Supreme Court to hear challenge
The Supreme Court will examine whether millions of Americans can continue to receive subsidies that are crucial to the goal of President Obama's health care law providing universal coverage. 

Boston Marathon bombing trial: After two months of jury selection, 12 seated
A panel of 12 jurors and six alternates was seated Tuesday for the federal death penalty trial of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Opening statements in the case are scheduled for Wednesday.

In ongoing war with Islamic State, Twitter suspends 2,000 accounts
The Islamic State is well known for its savvy use of social media to spread threats and propaganda. But social media companies in the United States, including Twitter, are fighting back.

Why Pakistan would welcome delayed US withdrawal from Afghanistan
Pakistan's ambassador to Washington, Jalil Abbas Jilani, told reporters at a Monitor Breakfast Tuesday that the country has seen heightened militant activity along its border as US troops have drawn down in eastern Afghanistan.

Ex-CIA chief David Petraeus pleads guilty to mishandling classified materials
The Justice Department said Tuesday former CIA Director Petraeus was charged with one count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified information. The former top army general had signed an agreement pleading guilty to the single criminal count.

Spring break: The real reason Michelle Obama is going to Japan
The White House announced on Tuesday that the first lady will be traveling to Japan and Cambodia to promote girls' education. Call it a placating-vacation.

Hillary Clinton personal e-mail: big deal or business as usual?
Prior to Clinton, no secretary of State used personal e-mail exclusively. At the least, the action may have violated National Archives rules that government e-mails sent from personal accounts be preserved for historical record.

Martin O'Malley sticks with Plan A: try to upend Hillary Clinton
Former Governor O'Malley of Maryland announced Tuesday he will not run for Senate, a signal he is still running for president. Clinton's latest woes could give O'Malley hope.

Supreme Court: Can independent commissions draw redistricting lines?
The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Monday on an Arizona law that takes the redistricting process out of the hands of the state legislature. It's good to try to make redistricting less partisan, but that doesn't mean this move is constitutional.

Wisconsin going 'right to work': What’s the impact for jobs and incomes?
The Wisconsin legislature is moving toward passing a right-to-work law that unions oppose. But the arguments on both sides appear to overstate the impact such laws have.

Report: Hillary Clinton evaded government e-mail while secretary of State
Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail account to conduct government business as secretary of state violated both the letter and the spirit of federal record-keeping laws. 

Hillary Clinton illegally used a private email account, reports NYTimes (+video)
The New York Times reported Monday that the Democratic leader broke federal record-keeping laws by conducting her official State Department business from a private email account.

Hidden message: Why the Bill Clinton museum portrait is causing a stir (+video)
Artist Nelson Shanks told the Philadelphia Daily News that he painted a shadow of a blue dress into a 2006 portrait of Bill Clinton to represent the "shadow" the Lewinsky scandal left on Clinton's presidency. The piece hangs in the National Portrait Gallery.

LAPD shooting reignites debate: Are police body cameras effective? (+video)
The LAPD fatally shot a homeless man on Sunday, in an incident captured on at least one body camera worn by police. High-profile shootings last year have provided some indications of how video may, or may not, factor in a case.

Netanyahu's speech to Congress: Has hyper-partisanship invaded foreign policy? (+video)
On the eve of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress Tuesday, experts say the speech and the uproar that has blossomed around it are a sign of how Washington’s hyper-partisanship has moved into foreign policy.

Supreme Court throws doubt on one state's bid to end gerrymandering
Arizona voters took redistricting out of the hands of their state legislators and gave it to an independent commission. But on Monday, Supreme Court justices questioned the constitutionality of that move.

Prosecutors want panels of boat – where Tsarnaev was caught – brought to court (+video)
Prosecutors want panels of the boat in which Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found hiding to be brought to court to show jurors what they say is his written confession. His lawyer objected to the plan and suggested instead that the jury should see the whole boat. 

Can House conservatives remove Boehner as Speaker? Not likely. (+video)
No House Speaker has ever been removed from office mid-Congress. One reason is that Speakers have the right to choose who will be recognized to make a motion from the floor. Without that recognition, a bid to remove a Speaker goes nowhere. 

Black vote may prove key in Chicago mayoral elections (+video)
A little known candidate, Jesus 'Chuy' Garcia, is giving Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel a tough race. But he will need to attract the support of a more racially diverse coalition if he wants to become Chicago’s first Hispanic mayor. 

Scott Walker flip-flops on immigration reform: Is that bad? (+video)
Scott Walker’s problem is that he clearly has changed positions on immigration reform, which he now dubs 'amnesty,' and it’s hard to argue that he hasn’t done so for purely political purposes