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Harvard settles food workers strike. PR nightmare resolved?
Harvard University's dining hall employees have been fighting for a wage increase and to keep health-care costs down, drawing sympathy from Harvard students and faculty.

Election Day: Coming to a theater near you?
AMC Theatres will offer 'red' and 'blue' viewing options for moviegoers on election night.

Briefing: Amid price hikes, where Obamacare stands
The Obama administration announced Monday that consumers will face an average 25 percent increase in certain premiums. It’s increasingly clear the next president will have to address such financial instability.

Respect for police at all-time high in US, says new survey
A new Gallup poll shows 80 percent of white Americans say they have a 'great deal' of respect for local police – up 11 points from last year – while 67 percent of nonwhites say they have the same level of respect, an increase of 14 points.

Obamacare's ups and downs, as seen by a Republican doctor
Daniel Derksen, who drafted part of Obamacare, has had a front seat to the implosion of Arizona's private insurance marketplace. But as a rural health expert, he also sees how it's helped.

Trump TV? Campaign launches nightly broadcast on Facebook Live
Donald Trump launched campaign coverage on his Facebook page Monday evening. The Republican nominee will continue to air nightly broadcasts until election day. 

Why America's Duterte problem might not be as bad as it seems
America and the West are withdrawing from being world policemen, and a new breed of global strongman is trying to take advantage. But many of the countries now rising to prominence share America's core values. 

Obama administration confirms healthcare premium hikes
Premiums for a midlevel benchmark plan will increase an average of 25 percent across the 39 states served by the federally run online market, according to a government report.

A defiant Trump insists 'we are winning'
Despite continued difficulties with women and minorities, Trump refuses to soften his message in the campaign's final days to broaden his coalition. 

On Nov. 9, how does Trump or Clinton heal the nation?
Bill Clinton did a good job reaching across the aisle to get things done with Republicans. So did Ronald Reagan. Their eras weren’t that long ago.

Judge hands jail sentence to former Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane (+video)
Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was sentenced with 10 to 23 months in jail on Monday, after she was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice after leaking grand jury information and then lying about it under oath.

Speaking Politics phrase of the week: 'roll-off'
When voters vote for president but not for other races on the ballot, that's roll-off, and experts are wondering if it will be an issue with Trump voters. 

Lawmakers to Pentagon: Stop ordering veterans to repay enlistment bonuses
Nearly 10,000 current soldiers and veterans in California have been deemed ineligible for enlistment bonuses they already received, The Los Angeles Times reported over the weekend. 

A key tool to battle education inequality: active mentors
At a Monitor symposium, mentors and the young people they work with spoke about what makes a successful relationship – and the impact such commitments can have. 

Standing Rock protests escalate, as tribe calls for DOJ to investigate
Following the arrest of 127 demonstrators on Saturday, leaders of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe called on the US Department of Justice to investigate police 'strong-arming' of peaceful protesters.

Kellyanne Conway on Trump campaign woes: Is the comeback plan viable?
As the Republican candidate falls behind in national polls, can he win key swing states without a strong grassroots presence or widespread GOP support?

Tim Kaine shrugs off WikiLeaks email threat
Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine says he's not worried that he will be embarrassed by stolen emails released by WikiLeaks, which US officials say is part of a Russian propaganda campaign.

Why Donald Trump's first big newspaper endorsement has an 'asterisk'
Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire owner of The Las Vegas Review-Journal, has not been shy with his political involvement during this and previous election cycles.

How the late Tom Hayden went from a fiery activist to a progressive lawmaker
Tom Hayden, one of the members of the Chicago Seven convicted of inciting violent protests in 1968, turned his firebrand fame into a successful political career. The 18-year state politician died Sunday. 

Trump U. fraud trial: Why Trump's lawyers want campaign statements excluded
In an unusual legal request, attorneys for Donald Trump have asked a federal judge presiding over the Trump University civil trial to exclude any statements made by or about Trump during his presidential campaign.

Julian Assange tests 'total transparency' thesis on Clinton campaign
In 2006, Julian Assange posed the question: 'Can total transparency defeat an entrenched group of insiders?' He appears to be testing his thesis on Hillary Clinton's campaign. 

Could a Missouri upset hand the Senate to the Democrats?
An incumbent Republican senator in Missouri is fighting a hard campaign against a Democratic challenger in one of six close races that will determine which party controls the Senate.

With lead widening, Clinton still struggles with likeability
Even though she is now the favorite to win the presidential election next month, Hillary Clinton is struggling to get voters to like her.

What do you know about the Libertarian Party? Take the quiz
Is your motto "live free"? How do you feel about laissez-faire economics? Take the quiz to see how much you know about the Libertarian Party. 

Trump campaign manager admits "we are behind"
Kellyanne Conway made the remarks amidst of a flurry of morning-show appearances by boosters for both Trump and Clinton.

Defense secretary visits Iraq to oversee Mosul attack
Ash Carter visited with Kurdish leaders and US commanders as coalition forces advanced on the Islamic State redoubt in Mosul.

AT&T to buy Time Warner in mega media deal
The telecom giant is buying the owner of HBO and CNN for $85.4 billion.

The 'curse' is broken: Cubs headed to first World Series in 71 years
The Chicago Cubs defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-0 on Saturday night to clinch the National League pennant.

Can voting selfies sway the election? It depends which state you ask.
Some states have lifted or relaxed their restrictions on ballot selfies, while others have remained firm against a practice they say can compromise the integrity of their elections. 

Thousands of Calif. National Guard vets ordered to repay reenlistment bonuses
A decade after signing up to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan, nearly 10,000 soldiers in the California National Guard have been ordered to repay enlistment bonuses.

Will Trump’s lawsuit threats silence sexual assault accusers?
Donald Trump threatened to sue the women who have publicly accused him of sexual misconduct Saturday. But some advocates say that won’t stop women from coming forward.

New York vs AirBnB: Can the company survive restrictions from cities?
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law a restrictive measure targeting Airbnb rentals in one of its most popular markets on Friday.

Can feral cats be useful in the war on rats?
Many people see feral cats as a nuisance, fearing that they can carry diseases and may injure wildlife. Now, a program is giving the cats a new mission: addressing New York City's perennial rat problem.

Should Montana justice be impeached for sentencing on incest case?
Judge John McKeon is a month away from retirement, but critics say that his decision to give a man convicted of raping his 12-year-old daughter just 60 days in jail is grounds for impeachment. 

More women are turning out for early voting. Is this a Trump effect?
Data from early voting in North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia show that more women are showing up for early voting, especially women registered as Democrats.

Trump and Facebook: Where is the line between free speech and hate speech?
Should Facebook have removed Donald Trump comments characterized as hate speech  – or does his position as Republican presidential nominee make his words an important source of public information?

Two years after Laquan McDonald's death, a proposal to recall elected officials
Amid criticism of how Mayor Emanuel handled the situation, the Laquan McDonald Act underscores some Chicagoans' sense that officials' 'renewed commitment' toward improving relations with community members has not gone far enough.

Why is support for marijuana legalization hitting record heights?
As many as 60 percent of American adults are in favor of marijuana legalization, according to new polls. Why are things changing so quickly for the pro-marijuana movement?

When American elections were rigged: How did the US stop electoral fraud?
Electoral experts dismiss Donald Trump's claims of a rigged election. But elections in the United States weren't always as fair as they are now.

Bush’s letter to Clinton: Even bitter elections can bring polite power transfers
A letter from President George H.W. Bush to President Bill Clinton when the former lost the election circulated around social media recently as users reminisced about civility in politics.

'Rigged election' claims: What they say about the culture of grievance
Claims of a 'rigged' election fit into a broader pattern of rising political grievance as many voters feel politically and culturally disenfranchised.

Theft by former NSA worker much worse than thought, prosecutors allege
A former National Security Agency contractor is accused of a theft that was 'breathtaking in its longevity and scale,' prosecutors say.

Planned Parenthood wins fight against Mississippi funding law
State lawmakers have passed some 300 laws since 2011 restricting funding for abortion providers. Federal courts have been slowly knocking them down.

Clinton and Trump trade barbs at Al Smith dinner. Who won?
A good-natured night turned awkward when Hillary Clinton fell short of President Obama's knack for humor, and Donald Trump told offensive jokes that he never really intended to be funny. 

What Republicans will do if Trump loses
Interviews with Republicans in California's Central Valley show frustration and – among some – a revolutionary fervor. But for most, Donald Trump's claims of a rigged election aren't an invitation to violence.

NSA contractor to face espionage charges for alleged data theft
Harold Thomas Martin spent over two decades pilfering classified information from multiple government agencies, federal prosecutors said.

Obama says his departure may fix what ails Obamacare
Obama acknowledged the law is not working perfectly, but said the problems could be fixed by legislation.

Trump mocks critics: I'll accept election results – if I win
Trump's comments came a day after his stunning refusal in the final presidential debate to say whether he would concede to Clinton if he loses. 

North Carolina could be the most interesting state this election
North Carolina has a unique mix of Southern conservatives, transplanted progressives, and African Americans that means it reflects the broader tensions of this election like no other state.

How many people has Obama really deported?
President Obama's deportation policies are criticized as flimsy by conservatives and draconian by immigrant advocates. His administration has carried out more removals than any other in US history.