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Santa Clarita Sand fire: Why are California wildfires getting worse?
Dry temperatures and a heat wave fanned the flames of wildfire in Santa Clarita Valley, Calif., consuming 5,500 acres in just a day. 

Could Turkey convince the US to extradite Fethullah Gulen?
The State Department says it will review evidence against the cleric if Turkey provides it.

Baton Rouge funeral: How to get the 'best of humanity' from cops
Following the funeral of officers killed in Baton Rouge, La., police departments and communities consider ways to keep training cops who will put the motto to "protect and serve" at the forefront. 

Clinton vs. Sanders: Leaked emails raise questions about DNC's impartiality
A Russian hacker leaks email between top Democratic National Committee members indicating that they saw Sanders as an obstacle for Clinton and not an asset to the party.

Stricter US gun laws: Who wants them, who doesn't?
A new AP-Gfk poll shows that while a majority of the country supports stricter gun laws, supporters and opponents are divided along sharp racial, political, and geographic lines.

Keni Harrison hurdles from Olympic trials defeat to world record
American hurdler Keni Harrison broke a world record on Friday, less than a month after failing to make the US Olympic team.

Why former KKK leader David Duke is returning to politics
David Duke won a seat in the House in 1989. Now, he says the time is right for another shot at public office.

Sanders supporters flock to Philadelphia: What do they want?
City officials in Philadelphia are expecting anywhere from 35,000 to 50,000 demonstrators to be present throughout the week at the Democratic National Convention, many of whom will be there to support Sanders.

When a governor names his dog 'Veto'
With Donald Trump embarking on the homestretch of a campaign that has defied all political orthodoxy, Maine offers a glimpse into how a populist leader affects government and causes voters to take stock of the tone of their politics – and maybe dial it back.

Comic-Con 2016: Has pop culture reached peak superhero?
As the yearly convention celebrating comic books, science fiction, and fantasy arrives, these genres have taken over pop culture. But some critics wonder if Hollywood is reaching 'peak geek.'

Clinton picks Tim Kaine, devout Catholic and bridge-builder
The Virginia senator, who previously served as mayor of Richmond, talks with the Monitor about how his faith shapes his politics – and motivates him to address social and racial injustice.

Strictly business: How Donald Trump's children are running the campaign
As family begins to make a larger appearance in the Republican presidential campaign, Donald Trump's children, particularly Ivanka Trump, are poised to take a role unprecedented in modern American politics. 

After raucous Trump convention, are GOP wounds healing?
It's now Donald Trump's Republican Party. But unity remains elusive, as party members navigate the deeply personal decision of their presidential vote. 

Miami cop was aiming at autistic man, not worker, police say
Officer Jonathan Aledda released a statement Thursday, attempting to quell speculation that racial bias played a role in the shooting of a health care worker trying to assist an autistic patient.

Why a Penn. man arrested for flag desecration was awarded $55,000
A police chief in Allegheny township charged Joshua Brubaker with flag desecration after he spray painted an American flag and hung it upside down. But at the end of the case, the township ended up paying Mr. Brubaker. 

Pentagon expands journalist protections in revised Law of War manual
Reworded passages of the Law of War manual ensure journalists civilian status and freedom to meet with enemy combatants without being deemed a spy.

Is politicians' use of music at conventions legal?
The use of the Beatles song 'Here Comes the Sun' at the Republican National Convention Thursday led to an angry response from the estate of George Harrison.

Should police live where they patrol? Baton Rouge mulls residency rule
Still reeling from the deaths of three law enforcement officers and the fatal shooting of a black man by police, the city of Baton Rouge, La., is considering a residency requirement for new police recruits.

Former KKK grand wizard David Duke launches bid for US Senate (+video)
Duke's candidacy comes as Louisiana grapples with deep racial tensions after the shooting death of a black man by white police officers and the killing of three law enforcement officers by a black man.

Austin cop's reference to blacks' 'violent tendencies' strikes an old chord
Austin police have released a video of a white officer slamming a black school teacher into a truck during a traffic stop. But a conversation between the officer and his colleague has sparked even more concern.