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Christian Science Monitor

Did North Korea just blink over Sony's 'The Interview' hack?
President Obama threatens ‘proportional’ response to Sony’s 'The Interview' hack. What might that include, and is it why North Korea now wants to join the US in getting to the bottom of the security breach and terrorist threat?

NYC crime falls but concern about police tactics rises
New York City serious crime declined 4.7 percent compared to the same period last year. The decreases come at a time when the NYPD has dramatically scaled back its highly-disputed strategy of stop and frisk.

What do Florida politics have to do with US-Cuba policy? Less and less.
Cuban-Americans have less influence over the Florida Hispanic vote. And fewer Cuban-Americans today will vote solely based on a hard-line anti-Castro US policy. 

How immigrants may qualify to stay under Obama 'amnesty'
To avoid deportation, immigrants must prove they were in the US continuously since Jan. 1, 2010. Speeding tickets, dentist records, even Facebook photos may be used. 

Why the US released four Afghans from Guantanamo Bay (+video)
Each of the four Afghans released is considered a low-level operative at best. There are 132 prisoners still in Guantanamo Bay.

Sony hack becomes four-way war of words (+video)
President Obama, Sony execs, movie stars, and a North Korean official have all weighed in on who’s at fault in the massive computer breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment over the satire 'The Interview.'

Another Megabus crashes on I-65 in southern Indiana
A Megabus traveling from Atlanta to Chicago crashed Saturday morning on Interstate 65 in Indiana. Some 27 people were treated for minor injuries.

New video Ray Rice's lawyer did not want made public
After Ray Rice knocked his then-fiancée unconscious in an Atlantic City casino, a video released Friday shows her crying and kissing him.

Why Sea Shepherd attacks on Japanese whalers are illegal
The US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday that Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society violated a court order to stop harassing Japanese whalers. 

Obama's traditional Hawaii Christmas: Shaved ice and golf
President Obama and his family arrived in Hawaii Friday evening for their traditional Christmas vacation. He won't return to Washington until Jan. 4.

Sony hack got your worried? Here are some cyber safety tips
The recent Sony hack reminds those who own personal computer, tablets, or smart phones that their important personal information could be breached by hackers. Here are some ways to help avoid that.

College football TV schedule: Bowl season begins Saturday (+video)
There are five postseason college football games Saturday as the 2014 bowl season gets underway across the country.

Did '24' help make torture acceptable?
Most Americans think that torture was justified in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks. The TV drama '24' debuted soon after those attacks and ran for eight seasons. But '24' also showed a cost to those who tortured others, even if the victims were bad guys.

How two words stir controversy on federal plan to rate US colleges
US Education Department releases its draft framework for ranking colleges and universities, but critics warn that there are difficulties and unintended consequences in using 'employment outcomes' as a measure. 

Marco Rubio vs. Rand Paul: Who's winning GOP Cuba policy smackdown? (+video)
Republican Sens. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul have been sparring over President Obama's decision to reopen relations with communist Cuba.

Obama: Sony 'made a mistake' in pulling 'The Interview' (+video)
At his final press conference of the year, President Obama discussed his decision to restore ties with Cuba, the Sony hack, the Keystone pipeline, and race in America.

Obama blames North Korea for Sony hack: 'We will respond'
Even North Korea experts who say they still need to see proof of Pyongyang’s involvement are categorical: Whoever carried out the attack, the response must be so swift and punitive as to nip in the bud what many are calling a new type of warfare that threatens the global flow of ideas.

Pentagon: why training Iraqis to take on Islamic State will take '3 years, minimum'
US general says needs include: assess and repair what the Iraqi troops actually have in their arsenal, rotate units out for training, and convince Sunni tribes to rejoin the fight.

US-Cuba thaw: Is Obama extending economic 'lifeline' to communist regime?
President Obama's decision to open relations with Cuba has sparked swift and vocal opposition from critics who say it will only aid the Castro regime. Supporters say the move promises to nudge the Cuban regime to expand political and economic freedom.

New report rips Secret Service. 'Starved for leadership'? (+video)
An independent panel's report adds up to a serious indictment of a once-proud agency. First among its recommendations: a much taller fence for the White House.