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Christian Science Monitor

San Diego Navy base on lockdown after pellet gun shooting
San Diego's Navy base essentially shut down for two hours Thursday morning, after a sailor brandished a weapon that turned out to be a pellet gun.

US warns Putin on Ukraine: Stop 'provocation' or face 'grave' consequences
Secretary of State John Kerry said that if Russian President Putin held to his current course on Ukraine, it would be an 'expensive mistake.' In Tokyo, President Obama said: 'We are ready to act.'

Fracking: In apparent first, family gets courtroom victory in health case
Although others have sued oil and gas companies over alleged injuries from fracking, most have settled in agreements that include gag orders. But in the case involving the Parr family, a jury awarded $2.95 million.

Moving to a tornado-prone area? Five questions to ask to help you reduce risk.
Are you planning a move into or within the eastern half of the US anytime soon? Here's something to keep in mind. While a region of the Great Plains from northern Texas up through South Dakota has earned the moniker "Tornado Alley," a quick look at National Weather Service tornado-track maps reveals most of the eastern half of the US to be tornado central. Here are five questions you might want to ask yourself, your building inspector, or your community emergency management office to help reduce the risk you and your family may face from tornadoes.

Can leafless e-cigarettes be regulated as a tobacco product? FDA says yes. (+video)
The Food and Drug Administration, which proposes to regulate the booming e-cigarette industry, explained Thursday why it is poised to crack down on the tobacco-less products.

Net neutrality rewritten: Will next generation of innovators have a chance? (+video)
The FCC's new rules governing the Internet’s broadband networks are being hailed by many in the telecom and cable industry – and not so much by net neutrality proponents.

Did Hillary Clinton accomplish anything as secretary of State? (+video)
Even the State Department spokeswoman was, at first, at a loss as to how to respond to that question, certain to be asked more often as the 2016 presidential election season gets closer.

Why Chicago's bid for an Obama Library could be a problem for the president (+video)
Chicago is bidding for a George Lucas museum and a presidential library. But controversial efforts by the state to borrow money to boost its chances could create an image problem for Obama.

Cliven Bundy on 'the Negro': Why his words aren't a huge surprise (+video)
The Nevada rancher who took on the BLM now posits that 'the Negro' may be better off as slaves. The link between racially offensive views and a certain strain of far-right politics seen at the Cliven Bundy ranch is well established, analysts say.

E-cigarettes: what the FDA wants to regulate and what it doesn't (+video)
The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday proposed new regulations of e-cigarettes, including restricting sales to minors and requiring health warnings on packaging. A ban on flavored electronic cigarettes is not on the list.

Ex-Blue Angels leader led lewd workplace according to complaint (+video)
Ex-Blue Angels leader, Gregory McWherter: The Navy released some details of a complaint filed with the Navy's inspector general against the ex-Blue Angels Capt. Gregory McWherter, who on Friday was relieved of duty as executive officer of Naval Base Coronado.

Florida execution: Robert Hendrix, convicted of murdering 2, executed Weds.
Florida execution: Hendrix was convicted of the 1990 murders of Elmer and Michelle Scott at their Lake County home.

Wyoming explosion: Natural gas purification plant rocked
Wyoming explosion: The town of Opal, Wyoming was evacuated, but no injuries were reported in an explosion at a facility that removes impurities from natural gas and serves large numbers of customers in the West.

US widens path to clemency for nonviolent federal drug offenders (+video)
The new Justice Department clemency guidelines, which apply to inmates who have served 10 years of their sentence, are designed to alleviate racial disparities left over from tough drug laws.

Sonia Sotomayor voices strong views on race in affirmative action dissent
Sonia Sotomayor issued a sharply worded dissenting option to the Supreme Court's decision to uphold Michigan's ban on race-based affirmative action on Tuesday. Justice Sotomayor wrote her colleagues 'fundamentally misunderstand' the issue of racial bias.

John Wayne Gacy probe helps crack Chicago-area cold case
John Wayne Gacy did not murder 22-year-old Edward Beaudion, but an effort to identify eight of Gacy's victims more than two years ago helped answer questions about his death. DNA testing in the Gacy investigation has lead to the identification of the remains of three people.

Hillary Clinton says she's done with new memoir. When's it coming out? (+video)
Hillary Clinton, addressing women at a conference on developing a new generation of female leaders, made no mention of any political plans, but urged them: 'Dare to compete.'

Ukraine standoff: For some, Russia’s tactics hark back to Soviet practices (+video)
Russia and intelligence experts say the Ukraine conflict – more subterfuge than overt action in its tactics – is aimed at nothing less than reestablishing Russian grandeur and power.

Invoking 'Fire Pelosi' from 2010, GOP takes on Harry Reid. Will it work? (+video)
The GOP is trying to demonize Senate majority leader Harry Reid as a way to defeat vulnerable Democrats and take over the Senate. But the tactic's effectiveness is questionable. 

IRS takes new hit: Report finds agency gave bonuses to tax evaders (+video)
The IRS gave $1,000 bonuses to some 1,100 of its own workers with known tax-compliance problems, a US Treasury report finds. On top of an ongoing scandal over tax treatment of tea party groups, the report is a damaging blow to public confidence.