Soccer News of Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Source: Raymond Yeboah

Raymond Yeboah hit Out at Critics

After all the insults in my earlier articles about Kwasi Appiah and his porous defends squad at this same medium,l am now excited about my write-ups and how sweet my vindication has finally brought me.

World cup analysis is once again not about patriotism and beating of an African side,Egypt by 6 -1,it is of technical know how and qualitative defends.When, l started hitting hard on Appiah lack of tactics,l was bathed with all kinds of insults and now, the whole populace would bear with me that he doesn't learn.How would a world class coach use world cup as an experiment podium-playing Kwadwo Asamoah at number 3 position.He still didn't learn from his previous warm-up matches when he conceded an early goals against Montenegro and Netherlands. Now l can firmly confirmed,that Ghana is out and if we don't take care the 1993 6-1 massacre by Germany would repeat itself.

Out of patriotism,he has crashed out our best record set by the expatriate coaches in our two previous tourney and if it is true that he had already signed two year contact prior to the world cup,l will implore Nyantakyi to terminate it with immediate effect because he has failed the task given to him.,with the previous assignment by the expatriate coaches,any coach who fail to send Ghana beyond quarter final is a failure let alone being knock out of group stage.

The performance is an insult to the tax payers money in this country.The so called celebrities the nation spent the money on,what were their role,what kind of support did we see on them when Ghana was losing?.

l saw the the disappointment in a distant,because there are an opportunistic and bad luck characters who follows the team any where they go because of their political affiliations and just wasting the nation's money without any contribution.

The entire 100 or so contingent should come and account for the wold cup budget and once Ghana is going to be out of a group stage,l don't think all the money would be spent because the budget catered for the whole tournament.l

l am done.