Soccer News of Saturday, 2 February 2013

Source: Sammy Heywood Okine

Black Stars shirts in high demand Ghanaians take AZONTO to South Africa

The Black Stars of Ghana are in South Africa for the Africa Nations’ Cup and all eyes are on them to win the trophy for the fifth time as well as high hopes all over the Ghana camp that the trophy should be taken to Accra.

In the beautiful town of Port Elizabeth, South African fans and other nationals like Cameroonians who have come to watch the Africa Cup are searching through shops to get the jerseys of the Black Stars.

Yene Effa, a Cameroonian Sports Journalist said he was sad his country was not at the AFCON 2013 so he is supporting Ghana, and wants one of the jerseys, especially the red coloured.

All over the township, people are eagerly asking for where to get the white home jerseys and the red lucky jerseys of the best team in the competition. This has made sellers of the jerseys to hike the price of the Stars jerseys. In the Puma shops, the original jerseys are being sold for between 400 to 600 Rands and the imitation ones going for 200 Rands. Also Ghanaians who have the jerseys are making big deals in supplies, wishing that the Black Stars will go to the grand final in Johannesburg so that they sell to the larger population on the bigger city. In another development, Ghanaians who love to club in the many night clubs and pubs in Ports Elizabeth are advertising and marketing the latest dance craze AZONTO.

South African ladies are learning the dance very fast and this writer is very sure that in the next few days or weeks AZONTO will become the new dance in South Africa like how it has reached Nigeria.

Ghanaian songs composed by popular artistes like Sarkodie and Dr, Slim, Bisa, EL, Double Chris Whaddle are now the very latest hits in the popular pubs and it is being enjoyed by other nationals who have come to the AFCON 2013 are enjoying at the popular Parliament Street Pubs in Central in Port Elizabeth and other places like the Captains Pub and Gondwana Club where South Africans and their West African friends are chilling till day break. Some few Ghanaians who spoke to said they have not only come for football, but to have nice times in clubs to release tension and go back to Ghana refreshed. They said they are very well aware of the HIV/ AIDS situation and are keeping themselves pious to avoid attracting the most dangerous disease. They hinted that South African ladies have fallen in love, but they are careful and not misbehaving to tarnish the name and image of Ghana.

Bayor from Nima said he came to South Africa to support the Black Stars to win the cup, but feels bored at night so he goes out to chill with friends but not to engage in sex activities.

Junior fron Osu said he loves the South African ladies but just makes friends and never take them home. "I have taught them how to do the Azonto and I am very happy that the dance has reaches far," he said. Aziz from Mamoobi noted that the Azonto will be kept in South Africa and will last for a long time like it is doing in Ghana and Nigeria.

Adsina, a South African girl said she love the Azonto dance and will teach all her school mates, same as Isha, who disclosed that very soon they will organise Azonto competitions and project the dance in their Karaoke competitions.

By Sammy Heywood Okine Sportsinghanacom and