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Religion of Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Obinim communicates with dead man during church service

A man dead for weeks revealed his secret account at the GCB Bank to the wife through Bishop Daniel Obinim during a church service at the Kenyasi Bosore branch of the International God’s Way Church in Kumasi, Ghana.

On Sunday 19th June, 2016, during prophecy time, Bishop Obinim requested a woman in funeral cloth mourning her husband to come forward because her late spouse was communicating with him.

Two widows got up but the dead man, whose voice could only be heard by Bishop Obinim, pointed out to him who his wife was among the two.

Bishop Obinim disclosed to her that her dead husband wanted him to inform her that he had some huge amount of money saved at the bank, which the wife was not aware of and would lose because he was dead.

The woman was surprised at the revelations by Bishop Obinim. The woman also confirmed to Bishop Obinim that the ghost of her late husband had appeared to her in a dream and had told her he had some money lodged somewhere, but she didn’t know where the money was and also thought the dream was just a normal one.

Bishop Obinim promised he would assist the woman spiritually to access the money because her dead husband believed he could help his wife hence his decision to speak through him.