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Division of Volta Region; ‘Vote No Oti Region’ poster pops out

Comment: Funny as u are

2018-12-14 20:42:46
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Re: Division of Volta Region; ‘Vote No Oti Region’

u see your ignorant that's why we are still deployed and poverty is weeping your people like that and ure crying for this so called Oti region now for development.
who told u south volta will join Togoland even when we join is far far better than being under Ghana.

let me remind you that the so called Oti enclaves is also Togoland and even if u guys get the Oti region is still a German colony called British Togoland today.
and surely when we gain our independence that Oti enclaves will surely be under Western Togoland

the more u people push yourselfs to be under Ghana the more under develop u become because Ghana knows very well that Volta Region or. the so called Oti enclaves is never part of their land so they won't waste their income on you at all.

it's only independence that will save us all.

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12-14 18:29
Funny as u are
12-14 20:42