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Report on creation of new regions to be published this week

Comment: Deficient 1992 Constitution

2018-12-02 20:09:46
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Re: Report on creation of new regions to be publis

Deficient 1992 Constitution
The 1992 constitution of fourth the republic of Ghana out lived its usefulness and clearly does not reflect the political , economic and social aspiration of the modern Ghanaian society hence need for the general public to criticize it openly without fear or intimidation ,,, how can commission of inquiry to create new region be shrouded and concealled away from citizenary whose lives and environment the very exercise have the potential to affect adversely or positively several months after it was delivered to president and the bogus constitution support such stipulation..... the constitution was delivered under the atmosphere of military tyranny and the drafters were not the best brains because there are too grey areas in the fourth republic constitution hence its time the constition under go critical forensic observation with sole aim of undoing the constitution and giving this vibrant moving country a new constitution that would not reposit more than enough powers in the executive branch of government,,,, VERY SAD.

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