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'Reconsider the splitting of Volta Region' - Government told

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2018-11-06 05:50:14
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to hell with these archaic institutions

1. Is it really true that the splitting of some regions is for development purpose?

2. If the answer to #1 is Yes, is the government going to split the budget of the initial Volta Region into two and give one part to the Oti Region for its Development, or

3. Has the government made provisions for the development of the 6 new regions?

4. If the answer to #3 is YES, why can't the government use the planned new provisions to substantially increase the endowment for the Volta Region and the other regions selected to be split so that these regions can really develop?

Whatever the answers to the questions above may be, the splitting of the selected regions for the purpose of development does not make sense. If the government has the money to finance de creation and development of the new regions, then this government is not honest with the people, because the money should have been disbursed in the past and not set aside for the proposed new regions. Or will the government borrow money from China or Britain to develop the new regions?

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