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'Reconsider the splitting of Volta Region' - Government told

Comment: Dialogue with the people of Nothern Volt

Kwasi Kwansa
2018-11-05 20:19:01
Comment to:
'Reconsider the splitting of Volta Region' - Gover

If Volta South does not want the split of Volta North; the solution lies in dialoguing with Volta North to rescind its petition to the Government. Threats directed at Government from the South only suggests contempt of the position of the people of the Volta North in this matter. Is it to be assumed that the people of Volta North are incapable of making sound decisions? Let the South dialogue and reason with the peoples of Volta North as equal partners, and convince them to end their petition for separation. The decision to discontinue the process does not lie with Government, but the people of Volta North. Respect their decision to separate and reason with them.

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11-05 15:44
Dialogue with the people of Nothern Volt
Kwasi Kwansa
11-05 20:19