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'Reconsider the splitting of Volta Region' - Government told

Comment: Splitting the Volta Reg. Could Backfire

G. K. Berko
2018-11-05 16:28:49
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'Reconsider the splitting of Volta Region' - Gover

Splitting the Volta Region could backfire. The whole creation of new Regions is ill-advised. It would do more harm than good. There is a lot at stake in terms of national Unity in considering such an exercise, and great caution is very much advocated in handling it.

There have been many reasons why many Ghanaians believe the Government has not been forthcoming with its real motives for the exercise. Many Ghanaians have cited deliberate political advantage to NPP as one of the reasons. Others cite a deeper Tribal reason. And, others believe the exercise was engendered by a long failure to sever Ahafo from Brong in B/A Region. If other Regions were then included in the exercise, that failure would thus be corrected under a cover of national exercise.

Meanwhile, the logistical encumbrance that the exercise brings to bear on the Nation is so enormous that it makes no Economic sense at this time when the Nation is very much under Economic stress, not even capable of providing basic infrastructure to many areas, including Education and Health.

If the main idea of decentralization is what is principally claimed for the Government's reason, we must understand that we have just overlooked the real culprit of our Economic failure. Corruption. That canker would not drown in the exercise to leave us any better off. It would rather find more fertile grounds to fester. If Employment is also cited as a determinant for the exercise, we must acknowledge that we would be back to square one when the Corruption erupts and more Public Workers try to game on the system at their new opportunity.

If the Government really wants to trim the size of Government and save money, the lesser Regions the better.

It would be better if the funds for the creation of the Regions are shared among the current Regions with pinpointed targets that would surely include disaffected areas, to encourage expansive Private Entrepreneurship. Offer various Training programs to train new and youthful Entrepreneurs and guarantee their loans for Capital for their Startup Companies. Then, help guide them with expert Business mentoring that could even include inviting foreign successful Business entities in similar fields.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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Splitting the Volta Reg. Could Backfire
G. K. Berko
11-05 16:28