Regional News of Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Source: Anita Frimpong

100 Banned Fishing Nets Seized at James Town Landing Beach

The Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development is calling on stakeholders, especially members of the James Town Landing Beach, whose fishing nets had been seized to exercise restraints as the Ministry is currently taken due steps to amicably address the issue.
The Ministry however stressed on the need to have recognized the proliferation of illegal fishgig methods including the use of monofilament nets, and its negative effects on Ghana’s’ fishing resources.
According to the Ministry an establishment of fisheries enforcement unit (FEU) in accordance with section 94, of the fisheries Act 2002, Act 625 has been instituted.
As part of these enforcement the ministry is therefore appealing to stakeholders to assist the Ministry to protect their water bodies and also reiterates its call on the affected members of the James town landing beach to exercise patience and collaborate with its members for a peaceful deliberation and resolution of the problem.