Regional News of Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Source: GNA

‘Ussher Fort Prisons should be a vocational school’

Numo Blafo III, President of Greater Accra Regional Association of Traditional Priests, has expressed the need for James Town and Usher Fort Prisons to be turned into a vocational training centre.

He has therefore advised the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts to take the initiative to attract non-governmental funding to enhance the development of the youth in area.

Numo Blafo, who is also the Public Relations Officer of Accra Metropolitan Assembly, expressed the view in an interview with Ghana News Agency on Tuesday, during the performance of customary rites preceding the celebration of Homowo Festival which also climaxed his 10 years anniversary on the throne as Wulomo.

He said because government alone could not make the desired impact in providing the needs of the youth in view of the competing demands from other sectors of the economy, it is the responsibility of other development agencies to take bold steps to facilitate their progress.

Numo Blafo expressed regret that majority of the youth roam about after completion of their basic education because they have no jobs and this produce bitterness among them. He explained that the traditional rites preceding the celebration of annual Homowo festivals are divine rights ordained by God.

He said the Homowo festival is intrinsically linked to the Passover feast, which was celebrated annually by the Jewish people and does not connotes anything fetish as being misconstrued by present-day Christians.

Numo Blafo said the early Christians who were mainly composed of the orthodox churches had co-existed with the practice since time immemorial, adding that, a German Priest, Reverend Johannes Zimmerman first translated the bible in into the Ga language in 1865.