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Public protests against economy posing security threat - BIA

Comment: The Ill Health of The Economy ...

2014-07-02 10:52:35
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Mahama cannot clean because he's unclean

It is an undeniable fact that Ghana's economy became ill when the CPP lead by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown on 24/2/1966. A few days after the coup the military junta and its rightist intellectual advisers send about 100,000 Ghanaian workers home.
The ills of the economy shows that the Breton Woods institutions structural adjustments have not made the economy healthy, but rather made the situation precarious.
There must be a structural change in the economy. It is an undeniable fact that countries that are outside the dictate of the International Monetary Fund and World Banks have done better. Capitalist countries that are supposed to be doing better depends on undemocratic wage disparities between races and castes system as the case is with the U.S., India and South Africa.
On the other hand China which depended on mostly state ownership of the means of production and distribution has fared better, so is the case of Cuba in the Caribbean. A look at even Iran whit heavy state ownership has revealed that even under sanctions it has done better than other nations in the Arabian Gulf who have been receiving support and grants from western countries.

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The Ill Health of The Economy ...
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