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Public protests against economy posing security threat - BIA

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Military Man
2014-07-02 07:17:30
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I respect you for saying that although you share NDC IDEALOGY, you still agreed with some of the assertions of BIA. I thinlk you are the first NDC supporter I've come across in this forum who hasn't let partisan politics cloud his judgements. Ghanan's problems can't be resolved along party lines. Political parties are just what they are and nothing more. Ghana is more than political parties. She's for all Ghanaians irrespective of politcal party alliances. If Ghana fails, Ghanaians have failed too so we should all help and be bold to voice our opinions about things that are not going right in the governance of our motherland. I hope other NDC members can take a cue from you and not jump down the throats of other Ghanaians who say that this government is not making Ghana a habitable place for all Ghanaians and accuse them of being NPP, CPP or NPN members. The welfare of Ghana should be paramount in everything we do as Ghanaians and shouldn't be misconstrued as a propaganda against the ruling government and party.

No one political party has the sole propieratory ownership rights to GHANA.

You pointed out some of the things the president might not be doing right.

So if you are going to be fair with yourself, do you really think this president and his advisors have a clue of what they are doing?

Everything seems to be falling apart in Ghana. Nothing seems to be working.

Our educational system is in shambles.
The health care system is non-existant.
Our roads and highways are death traps for those who use them.
Armed robbers operate with impunity killing, maiming and raping victims' wives and children.
Bribery and corruption abound at our seaports and the ministies and nobody seems to care.
DUMSOR-DUMSOR has become part of our culture now with no end in sight.
Garbage and filth have now become our 'next door neighbours'.

So if you are Ghanaian and you see these as daily occurrencies, why can't concerned citizens ask question without being labeled as anti-NDC?


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@ Fabian
Military Man
07-02 07:17