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Public protests against economy posing security threat - BIA

Comment: Finally a commonsense article! bravo BIA

Nii from Mamprobi
2014-07-02 07:02:37
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Public protests against economy posing security th

This is the first commonsense article I have read coming from any government agency. There is hope after all!

It is not about NDC or NPP since both are corrupted. It would be best to give CPP or another party a chance. The sad thing is even though I dont agree with alot of NPP ideology, They definitely did a better job economically, yes K4 and co also stole, just as JJ and crew before them but it seemed as if we were making some progress. they problem with NPP is the elitist attitude which fails to connect with common folk. But NDC need to screen their ministers, some of these guys sound illiterate. What schools did these guys attend? There are some good individuals in both parties but its the old guard on both sides who really do not care about the future of Ghana.

Why must we emulate US politics (Dems vs GOP)?. America is going to Sh#t because of partisanship. 2 party system is better then single party or dictatorship but if both parties are only concerned about winning power above the needs of the nation Ghana is doomed.

We need a 3rd party to take power for 4- 8 yrs. CCP needs to get their act together ASAP. This would humble NPP and NDC. Right now its like the Bloods vs Crips in Ghana and ghanaians are smoking the political crack both parties are peddling...smh...

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07-02 05:34
Finally a commonsense article! bravo BIA
Nii from Mamprobi
07-02 07:02