Regional News of Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Source: aL-hAJJ

JM, Lordina Rescues Homeless Woman?

Information reaching the office of The aL-hAJJ indicates that President John Dramani Mahama and First Lady Lordina Mahama are considering coming to the aid of a 70-year-old retiree reclaim the house she lost through auction.

Sources close to the first couple disclosed that the nation’s first couple have been touched by the pathetic plight of Mrs. Margaret Mensah, who had had to distribute her personal belongings to friends and relatives, and is currently perching with love ones.

Their resolve to assist Mrs Mensah, whose predicament was brought to attention by state-owned Daily Graphic, according to the source, was because of the bizarre circumstances she finds herself.

“How many people will come to the aid of even family members, let alone others…? This pensioner with a Ghanaian spirit decided on her own volition to help her son’s friend only to end up been deprived of her life-long investments. This has really touched their hearts (President Mahama and First Lady Lordina) hence, they are planning to go to her aid in order not to discourage others from extending help to their fellow Ghanaians”, the source disclosed.

Mrs. Mensah became the topic for discussion last week when an Accra Fast Track High Court ordered that her house, located at Mataheko in Accra, be auctioned to defray a loan which her son’s friend secured from a financial institution some years ago using her property as collateral.

The auctioning was carried out on Friday, January 3, 2014 by an auctioneer, a court official and a representative of IFS Financial Services after the case had been heard by the Accra Fast Track High Court.

Mrs. Mensah, a retiree, had allowed her house to be used as collateral for the loan which her son’s friend secured from a financial institution some years ago.

However, due to the inability of the borrower, the Managing Director of Farmers Alliance Company limited, Mr David Siale, to pay for the loan, the house was sold to settle his indebtedness.

Narrating her ordeal amidst tears flowing down her checks to the state-owned Daily Graphic, Mrs. Mensah who is presently staying at Teshie-Agblezaa, stated “It is really disheartening the way I go about begging people to give me a place to lay my head each night.

My children are out there in the cold, also struggling to get a place to live. I am very sure my late husband would be turning in his grave, watching us go through this ordeal."

But, the president and his wife, according to the source “are considering extending help to the poor woman. Her story is very touching… It is not her fault that the house was auctioned. She tried helping someone and now she has to pay for it. I can tell you that the president and his wife are considering helping her to reclaim the house, how, I don’t know”? The source narrated.