Regional News of Sunday, 2 February 2014

Source: samuel innocent

Dodoo Clottey Family outdoored at Pokuase

A NEW Head for the Dodoo Clottey Family has been outdoored at Pokuase in the Ga West District of the Greater Accra Region at a colourful ceremony which was attended by almost all the people from the 24 houses that make up the family.

The election of the 84-year old Madam Grace Darkoaa Dodoo took place after representatives from each of the 24 houses had met to form an electoral council, where they saw the need for a new Head after the demise of the old one about a year ago.

At the ceremony where the Head of Family officially accepted to be the leader of the Dodoo Clottey Family, she mentioned that her paramount concern was to unite all the people from the area to enable proper development take place, stressing that litigation has nothing good to offer the people but it only brings about acrimony, conflicts and division, which according to her retarded progress.

“Let us remain united and resolute to build a strong community for development. It is through unity that we can reap the benefits of the land, which is good for investors and developers, and so I urge all of us to burry any differences and bitterness so as to live as one family,” she admonished.

According to her, Pokuase had a problem which needed the support of every citizen to address so that they will together put the town at a pedestal that can rub shoulders with other developed communities that will always play a leading role in the socio-economic development process of the nation.

Madam Darkoaa Dodoo therefore appealed to the people to forget about the past, especially those who might have been hurt in one way or the other so that they can live in peace and harmony, asking for unity and love.

She lamented that despite the fact that the town is endowed with a lot of resources, the bad behaviour of some miscreants retards its progress, a situation she said if not addressed, would have a very negative impact on the young ones since in recent time, there are no role models for them to learn from as it used to be in years past.

She therefore appealed to the people to bring their expertise to bear and support in the developmental process of the town so they can live some legacies for generations yet unborn, and as such called on them to ensure that they are able to protect the properties of the land.

Madam Darkoaa Dodoo also said that Pokuase is strategically located for investment but was quick to say that all the dreams for the area would be a mirage if there is always disunity among the people. He therefore called for reconciliation among the people, saying that they should resolve all differences to pave the way for development through investment.

Pokuase is expanding very fast and for that matter there is always the need to ensure that peace and tranquility prevail in order to properly develop the area so as to attract investment, but the area ahs for some years now been fraught with land litigations in the court of law.