Regional News of Sunday, 26 January 2014

Source: GNA

Students of UEW hold forum on time management

The Guidance and Counseling Sandwich Level 400 Students of the of University of Education, Winneba, have indicated that time cannot be managed as people, but events rather can be managed with regard to time.

In an eight-page paper at a symposium held at the J. N. Aryeetey Auditorium of the South Campus of the University on the theme: “Time Management among Sandwich Students,” the students pointed out that time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and the future, regarded as a whole.

They stated that time may not be seen the way one sees other realities, yet time is real and that once lost, time is gone forever.

The students further said everyone is “given” time, and that much like money, time is both valuable and limited, and for that matter, time must be protected, used wisely and budgeted for..

They treated topics including, what is time, types of time, characteristics of time, is time a resource, what is time management and effective ways of managing time.

In her presentation, Ms. Theresa Amu, Lecturer of the UEW and a resource person at the programme said without time one cannot achieve his or her targeted goals.

According to Ms Amu, most people in parts of the world do not consider time as important in their lives, simply because they have not taken the pain to ensure that they make good use of their time.

She emphasized the need for students, especially guidance and counseling students, in their life time, to make considerable efforts to manage time to benefit the society.

“We should be specific in using time else the goals that we have set for ourselves, cannot be achieved, since time wasted cannot be retrieved”.

Ms. Amu stressed the need to manage time, especially while planning some activities, in order to deliver effectively and efficiently in society.