Regional News of Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Source: citi fm

Ho School of Hygiene to be evicted from rented classrooms

Students of the Ho School of Hygiene in the Volta Region have called on government for assistance as they fear a possible eviction from their rented classroom.

The school, since its establishment in 1975, has two classroom blocks with 184 students who use a common washroom.

Speaking to Citi FM, SRC President Simon Akumedi stated that a complete overhaul is needed to enhance proper academic work since the situation has caused several infections to the students.

According to him, instead of 72 students using one classroom, the classrooms take 92 students.

He also indicated that some of the students do not have tables as well as chairs and other learning materials saying, “We do not even have a laboratory to carry out our practical work” he added.

He said there was an accommodation problem that saw both sexes mixed up in one hostel with one latrine that catered for all the students.

He pleaded with government to come to their aid because the current condition does not represent the ideals of the school.