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"Ghanaian" appointed AG of British Virgin Islands

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2007-06-19 15:21:39
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too many to list

The late Justice ollenu remains one of the most accomplished academician and unparalled legal collosus. Anybody who has read and or is planning to read law in Ghana knows or will know this. he was a Ga. Another unbelievably outstanding Ga legal mind on the block now is Dr. Nii Armah josiah Aryee (please, forget about his political hiccups). You will marvel when you encounter Josiah Aryee at a law lecture. You will wonder forever about his immeasurable knowledge in the law. He oozes the law. He is a Ga & a Ghanaian, simpliciter. Letus be civil and refined in our discourse on this forum

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Concerned - in Tokyo, Japan
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