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"Ghanaian" appointed AG of British Virgin Islands

Comment: Re: what role model

Wofa Newman - Houston, Texas
2007-06-19 10:05:39
Comment to:
what role model

Old Major,
Slow it down with the OLD rhetoric!!

You must know a lot about this person and about who appointed her to the position.

How do you know she is not remitting to her sibliings back in Ghana? Or contributing to a cause back in Ghana? If she did only one of these, we would expect a lot of people will look up to her, and that would make her a role model for these people!!

Old Major, please try to set a good example with your words.

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06-19 07:43
Re: what role model
Wofa Newman - Houston, Texas
06-19 10:05
Concerned - in Tokyo, Japan
06-19 10:50