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Regional News of Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Source: Edzorna Francis Mensah, Contributor

Srogboe gets new queen

Mama Kordeku I Mama Kordeku I

The Patamia Stool of Anlo State in the Volta Region has outdoored a newly installed Queen, Mama Kordeku I and Agbotadua Agboyibor in a colourful ceremony on Saturday, October 10, 2020 at the Aklibosu Agbemenya Diaba Royal Event Centre in Srogboe.

The performance of installation rites including confinement and cleansing of stool began on Tuesday October 6, 2020 preceding the outdooring event which took place at the weekend.

The ceremony was witnessed by a number of Chiefs and Queens across the Anlo Traditional area namely: Torgbui Agbeve III representing Torgbui Agbodzi Tsikata II, Torgbui Dedu Xemeladzo II, Torgbui Asige IV, Mama Biana I (President of Queens within the Anlo Traditional Area), Mama Dzutsi IV, Mama Wui III among others.

The initiation and outdooring ceremony were led by Torgbui Galley, the man In-charge of Chieftaincy Affairs within the Anlo Traditional area.

He announced to the general public that "starting from Saturday October 10, 2020 no individual knowing Mama Kordeku I and Agbotadua Agboyibor with other names shall mention such names apart from the new titles confered on them".

He added that anybody who commits such grave offence shall be slapped with a fine payable to the Patamia Stool.

Mama Kordeku I and Agbotadua Agboyibor who is a retired Military Officer after swearing an oath of allegiance to Torgbui Patamia IV pledged to discharge their roles without fear nor favor in building a better society for all.

They were handed over to the representative of Torgbui Agbodzi Tsikata II, Dufia of Srogboe and Mama Biana I, Queen of Srogboe as newly installed Queen and Agbotadua.

Torgbui Patamia IV whose Queen and Agbotadua were outdoored was grateful to all who were there to witness the ceremony as he pledged his commitments to lead the good people of Srogboe in accordance with Anlo Traditions for peace and development.

Torgbui Patamia also encouraged all to do same in order to build their birth home.

He used the occasion to remind the general public to take part in the upcoming general elections and vote wisely to elect the best leaders (The President and MP) to manage the affairs of the country.