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Regional News of Sunday, 11 November 2018


Oti Enclave launches campaign towards new regions referendum

Proponents for the territorial split of the Volta Region have launched a campaign towards meeting requirements in the December 27 referendum, on the creation of new regions across the country.

The campaign seeks to urge people in the proposed demarcated land area to participate in the referendum towards achieving a 100% endorsement of their demand for a new region.

A campaign team has been constituted and mandated to ensure the requirements of 50% turn out and 80% yes votes in favour of the proposed Oti Region are achieved to give government the green light to divide the region per their request.

The Krachiwura of the Krachi Traditional Area, Nana Mprah Besemuna reechoed the need for an administrative region in the Oti Enclave stressing its pivotal role in harnessing development to the area.

He, therefore, implored residents in the enclave to join the campaign to preach “prospects of the new region” and encourage each other to participate in the referendum.

The Traditional ruler who is also the chairman of the Joint Consultative Committee, championing the call for a division of the Volta Region, rebutted assertions that the division of the Volta Region would bring chaos and disunity as being propagated by some Chiefs from the southern part of the region.

He indicated that “war is a serious business” hence the Oti enclave isn’t ready for any such thing.

“Everybody should remember and note that war is a serious business, it is not an expedition to go and gather snails. We think the government is capable of taking care of our security and our safety, so we are not preparing for any war. But if some people think they will declare war on us, we look to the government for our defence.”

Nana Mprah Besemuna also rebutted arguments by southern Chiefs that processes employed by government in the quest to create the new region is unconstitutional, adding that all requirements stated in the constitution have been “meticulously” followed.

“Those who have turned into constitutional lawyers all of a sudden, are those making the argument, as for us, we know we have the constitution on our side in the sense that what have been spelt out for us to get our region, we have meticulously followed all the procedure.”

“We are also prepared and very focused and we are pursing it [demand for new region]. This is the last bit of the procedure as far as we are concerned. Our prayer is that our people should come out [ during the referendum] so we get the 50% [voter turnout] and get the 80% [votes in favour], then we get our region”, he added.

He was, however, optimistic there would be 100% endorsement for the new region in the December 27 referendum.

Krachi East, Krachi West, Krachi Nchumuru, Nkwanta North, Nkwanta South, Kadjebi, Jasikan, Biakoye Districts and the Santrokofi, Akpafu, Likpe and Lolobi Traditional Areas forms part of the proposed demarcated area for the new region to be carved out of Volta Region.