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Regional News of Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Lower Manya Krobo NDC Responds To Cocaine Allegation

PRESS CONFRENCE TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT ON THE ALLEGED COCAINE SAGA INVOLVING THE LOWER MANYA KROBO NDC YOUTH ORGANISER ON THE 2ND FEBRUARY 2015 AT SG-LODGE Good morning and welcome ladies and gentlemen of the media We the executives of the Lower Manya Krobo constituency of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) decided to invite the media this morning to set the records straight on the infamous publication made the daily guide on the 29th of February 2015 on the ALLEGED cocaine saga involving one David Tettey Kwame who happens to be our constituency youth organizer. Ladies and gentlemen, it is unfortunate to note that the said daily guide publication did not only seek to intentionally draw the MP for Lower Manya in to the saga but also contains factual inaccuracies, misrepresentations as well as calculated attempt to tarnish the image of the National Democratic Congress. We therefore wish to draw the attention of the media and for that matter the general public to the truthful nature of the said case. Kindly take notice of the following as against what the daily guide wanted the public to believe; A . David Tettey Kwame is not and had never been a special assistant to the MP for Lower Manya, Hon. Ebenezer Okletey Terlabi not even an errand boy. How can somebody who is a clearing agent/ freight forwarder have time to be a special assistant? In any case for the records, in NDC regime we don’t have any designation called special assistant. b. DAVID TETTEY KWAME is not related to the MP for Lower Manya except that he is our current youth organizer. c. David Tettey Kwame is a clearing agent and does not deal in drugs or ever had any drug related case d. David Tettey Kwame was not arrested in a swoop at the airport, rather he reported to the BNI some days after the incidence to give a statement on the issue. e. The MP for Lower Manya has no son in his life at all f. The MP as well as the NDC PARTY was not aware of the incident or the arrest initially until after one week detention of the suspects g. David Tettey Kwame was not charged at all for possessing cocaine or dealing in cocaine h. David Tettey Kwame was not denied bail simply because he was not indicted and as you know really cocaine suspects are not granted bail under our laws. Thank God David Tettey Kwame is On Bail And Now A Free Man. Furthermore the truth of the matter as per the charge sheet fro the police prosecutor has been accurately published in the same daily guide paper on the 30th January 2015. You can get copies for your perusal and better understanding. Ladies and gentlemen, the publication as we view it was influenced by faceless antagonists of our hardworking MP from this constituency and we want to place on record that the way and manner that Rite FM led by Owuarku Asamoah on the morning ride leaves much to be desired and lacks professionalism as far as journalistic standards or ethics are concerned. We of NDC in Lower Manya have a smooth and excellent working relationship with Rite FM and other media houses in the region and as such need not be treated the way Rite FM did. We want to believe there are some saboteurs behind the Rite FM production that morning who sought to tarnish the image and hard won reputation of our MP Hon. Ebenezer Okletey Terlabi and for that matter drag the image of the NDC in the mud. We must say not in the least impressed and that we are highly disappointed in the conduct of Right FM host on the issue. We therefore call for an apology to the MP of Lower Manya Krobo from Rite FM and daily guide for the way they attempted to draw the Hon. Member and the NDC in to an issue he new nothing about or not related to in any tangible way at all. Finally, we of the NDC want to say that cocaine and for that matter any illicit drug are alien to our party we do not believe or deal in drugs and therefore distance our selves from it. Furthermore we will like to admonish the media and the general public to be circumspect on the matter and to desist from making reference to this particular matter either for an example or to support an argument anywhere since the matter is not true as reported. We will not hesitate at all to drag any one to court for redress should the person or group of persons referrer to this publication to make EMPHATIC STATEMANTS or TAG THE NDC with cocaine in relation to it either verbally or in print. I also entreat all media houses to follow the case keenly to its logical conclusion and report the truth to the public. Thank you very much for coming and may god bless you all. ………………………………………………… HON. DAVID WALTER HORMENU CONSTITUENCY CHAIRMAN 0244866401 ………………………………………………………. FREDERICK ATTENAS OKORO CONSTITUENCY SECRETARY 0200599688 TO ALL MEDIA HOUSES