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Regional News of Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Source: The True Statesman

Kusasi Rustlers Kill Fulani herdsmen In Agogo

A group of Kusasis resident in the Asante Akyem District has been found to be aggravating the conflict between some Agogo residents and Fulani settlers in the area.

The Kusasis, some of whom belong to a robbery syndicate, have so far, provoked and killed three Fulanis, Aliu, Gorodou and Awal, in the past three weeks, and according to well-informed sources, the national security operatives are pursuing members of the syndicate to bring them to book.

The latest victim of the Kusasi robbery syndicate is a Fulani herdsman, who was killed last Thursday at Kojobila, a village near Agogo, for resisting the slaughter of his cattle.

Reports reaching _The True Statesman_ indicate that members of the group have taken the law into their hands by attacking the Fulanis.

The reports say that the cattle-stealing syndicate, mainly, Kusasis, have been terrorizing the Fualani herdsmen at Kojobila.

Members of the syndicate steal and slaughter the cattle belonging to the Fulanis, and the beef sold to the market women in Agogo.

Attempt s by the Fulani herdsmen to resist the activities of the Kusasi syndicate has rather incurred their wrath. The gangsters have now resorted to murdering them in broad day light, apparently taking advantage of the fact that some of the Agogo citizens are against their settlement among them.

An eye-witness who spoke to _The True Statesman_ about the latest killing and the activities of the Kusasis confirmed the ruthlessness with which they operate.

But, he said that members of the syndicate have been left off the hook by the Agogo police who failed to act on the killing of the herdsmen.

The eye –witness also added that the Agogo police have not shown any sign of dealing with the Kusasi gangsters according to the law.

When contacted, a source close to the Agogo Police confirmed the killing of the three Fulani herdsmen and the latest killing, and added that investigation is underway to get to the bottom of the matter.

The activities of the Fulani herdsmen who have lived in the area for a long time have been in the news in recent times.

While some Agogo residents are up in arms against the Fulanis, and are calling for their re-settlement ouside Agogo, others believe that they must be allowed to stay because there is room for peaceful co-existence.

The National security is handling the issue of re-settlement tactfully, and has even mapped out routes to be used in the evacuation of the Fulani herdsmen and their cattle from Agogo.

The bone of contention, however, is, where the nomads would finally settle with thousands of their animals.

While the traditional authorities say that they have reserved land for the Fulani herdsmen, some residents insist that there is no way they will allow the Fulanis to operate on any land belonging to the people.

For now, the Fulani herdsmen are in a quandary, and it appears that the syndicate is taking advantage of the call by some residents for the evacuation of the Fulani’s to perpetuate their heinous crime, and think they can get away with it.

The True Statesman [1]