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xxxxxxxxxxx of Monday, 4 March 2019

Source: Daniel Kaku

Kontihene of Apremdo reconciles with his Chief

The Kontihene of Apremdo in the Western Region, Obutsia Tunduni known in private life as Stephen Ansah, has reconciled with the Chief of Apremdo Nana Egya Kwamina (XI) and his elders.

The member of the council of elders fell out with the Chief last year when he pitched camp with miscreants disturbing the peace and security in the farming community.

But, upon reflection, he realized he did not do well and embarked on series of activities to reconcile with the supreme leader of Apremdo who was emphatic that he did not have anything against the beleaguered Kontihene when an arbitration committee was set up to investigate circumstances surrounding the impasse.

The reconciliation took place on 28th February 2019 following a series of discussions held closed doors by the two who were initially at loggerheads.

Otumfuo Baidoo Bonsoe (XV), overlord of Ahanta Traditional Area delegated the arbitration committee members to visit the community to witness the program.

Responding to the reconciliation move in an interview, the Apremdo Chief Nana Egya Kwamina (XI) said it was heartwarming presiding over a united community, and therefore he had forgiven the Krontihene.

He welcomed the beleaguered elder who fell out with the traditional authority on grounds that run contrary to the values and customs of Ahanta.

According to the Chief, following the pacification of the gods, the Kontehene will henceforth continue to play his role as expected by the community after his reinstatement.

The pacification of the gods of Apremdo to forgive him and welcome him back to the palace was done alongside the reconciliation process.

Egya Kwamina XI said his desire as the traditional ruler of the peri-urban community was to attract investment to the area to increase opportunities and improve the welfare of natives.

He explained that job creation, investment, and development were the cardinal principles of his administration and therefore he will appeal to all community members to support him succeed in driving forward this agenda.

He said before the three issues outlined could be achieved, the community will require an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity to attract the right investments, and good companies to create jobs and ultimately promote development in all parts of the town.

Under the circumstance, he said he will urge his subjects to constantly apply the custom and tradition to adjudicate on all chieftaincy related matters in order to keep the community united, peaceful, and on the path of development.

He asked for guidance from the elders of the community to properly place traditional leadership, governance on the path of honesty, sincerity, justice, peace and tranquility.

"I am determined to lead by example. I will, therefore, urge my elders to follow in that direction, and do things that will promote the community, improve our wellbeing, and generate interest of inventors who will come into our community to assist in job creation for our teeming youth", he concluded.