Press Releases of Monday, 23 April 2012

Source: Defenders Of Democracy In Ghana (Dodig)

Political Tension In Ghana

Defenders Of Democracy In Ghana (Dodig)

Press Statement

Political Tension In Ghana

We, the defenders of democracy in Ghana will like to condemn the political tension that has gripped our beloved country in this election year. We strongly believe that if care is not taken it can lead to problems at the election day. We will like to take this opportunity to plead with every Ghanaian to refrain from every act of violence and to remember how far we have come with our democratic dispensation. So many people have forgotten so soon, where we were before we finally returned back to democracy in 1992.

We condemn this new trend of politics of insults and violence that is going on in the country. We humbly ask all political parties to advise their members to stop this bad behaviour and rather debate on issues which can move Ghana forward and not backwards. Moral turpitude has gripped some politicians and thereby causing some of these problems in our democratic dispensation. Politicians should not do anything that will exacerbate the tension in the political atmosphere.

Biometric registration was introduced to make our elections free and fair, but there have been some problems with the exercise and we humbly ask the electoral commission to address these problems especially the issue of ordinary residency which has been causing problems in some part of the country. Aspiring MP’s should not do anything that can incite violence in the constituency they want to represent in parliament. We admonish all politicians to abide by the rules of the registration and not take the law into their own hands.

The media should play their role very effectively in this election year and not allow people to use their platform to incite violence and engage in politics of insults. The National Communication Authority and all other stake holders should make sure that media houses operate within the parameters of the law and adhere to their rules and regulations. Some media houses are doing an excellent service for mother Ghana whilst others are falling short.

We humbly ask his excellence, the president of the republic Prof John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills to call some of his appointees to order, as some of them are involved in the politics of insults and are inciting violence in the country. Please use your noble office to reach out to the largest opposition party, the NPP to also restraint some of their members that are involved in the politics of insults.

We condemn the act of violence against women politicians and plead with all politicians to not engage in any act of violence in this election year. Politics should be about issues and not insults. The beauty of democracy is that we can belong to different political parties and yet be in the same house or work place. Politicians should remember that Ghana comes first before their own interest. We humbly ask every Ghanaian to not just ask for what Ghana can do for us but what we can also do for mother Ghana. The best we can all do for mother Ghana now, is to advocate for peace in this election year.

Selective justice should be condemned by all, irrespective of your political affiliation. Today, it is about Honourable Kennedy Agyapong, tomorrow it can be an NDC member. The Ghana police service should do their job without fear or favour. We strongly believe that the IGP should apologies to Ghanaians for the short comings of the police and make sure that, law and order is maintained in this election year. If the IGP was in the western world he would have resigned by now for the failure of the police service to uphold the law. The Ghana police service should come out to explain to us why they kept Honourable Kennedy Agyapong for over 48hrs in their custody, which is against the law of the land.

It is reported that the president came out with a statement that no one is above the law, we definitely agree with him. And therefore call on his excellence the president to make sure that the police do their job without fear or favour. We, the defenders of democracy will defend democracy all the way.

God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong, Amen.

Apostle George Odoom Chairman of DODIG Email: Tel: 00447578690300