Press Releases of Wednesday, 4 April 2012

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Press Statement by the Youth of Andani Royal Family in Tamale

03 April, 2012
The Andani Family condemns in clear terms the provocative, ill-intended and criminal move by the Abudu Family to enskin a chief at Kpatinga in the Gushegu District of the Northern Region.
What we find more baffling is that a few years ago at the Wuaku Commission of Enquiry Abdulai Mahamadu, the so-called Boling-Lana declared that he was not a chief. Today the same person is arrogating to himself the status of an Overlord with the powers to enskin other chiefs.
This double standards is not only mischievous but smack of a reckless ambition that can plunge the whole Dagbon into a bloody turmoil, which the Abudu’s initiated a decade ago by assassinating Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II.
The world is witnessing yet another attempt led by Dr Ziblim Iddi, no least a person than somebody with academic pedigree and spokesperson of the Abudu Family to execute another gargantuan plot to undermine the peace and security of Dagbon.
Every peace loving Ghanaian should treat with contempt the insensitive move by the Abudu’s to destabilise the country by joining the Andani Royal Family’s call for the arrest of Boling- Lana who in reality is nothing but a common criminal. He is not a Regent of Dagbon and is therefore craving through violence to usurp the legitimate authority of Kampakkuyya-Naa.
The purported enskinment of one Nantogmah Ziblim as Kpating-Lana, is a clear violation of the customs and traditions of Dagbon. Enskinment of chiefs is the sole prerogative of a Ya-Na or Regent appointed to run the high office of Dagbon.
The latest ambitious and illusionist dream of Boling-Lana to be seen as the ultimate authority of Dagbon is a recipe for disaster which will backfire and trigger a deadly and bloody clash in the Kingdom.
The Andani Royal Family is therefore calling on the Regional Security Council and National Security to nib in the bud the infantile and youthful exuberance of Boling-Lana to subvert Dagbon in a critical period when Ghana is doing everything possible to ensure peaceful and stable Presidential and Parliamentary elections.
It is ironical and a travesty of justice that people whose hands are tainted with the blood of the late Ya-Na could be fool-hardy to be enskinning chiefs when they should be behind bars for murder and subversion.
It’s time for the law enforcement agencies to act now and bring law breakers in Dagbon to justice. Indeed the right time is now. The Abudu Family should be taught the plain truth that the time of impunity is over.
The Dagbon State like any other civilised society will always have one leader and any attempt to create a parallel authority will be resisted at all cost.
For now Dagbon has one regent and the authority of Kampakkuyya-Naa Abdulai Andani is not in dispute. In fact it is his customary and natural right to exercise the authority of his office as the Regent of Dagbon as did by his predecessors.

Mr. Baba Issifu
Andani Youth Association
Tel: 0244 -240591