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Press Releases of Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Source: Progressive Ga-Dangbe Patriotic

Ignore calls from the Ga-Traditional Council on the 'Montie 3'

The Progressive Ga-Dangbe Patriotic forum has learned with shock and consternation the purported press conference held by a group of questionable Chiefs calling themselves the Ga Traditional Council. In a normal setting we will not be surprised that these Chiefs who have question marks all over their reign will resort to doing the bidding of their paymasters who are the N.D.C and their surrogates. What we find extremely shocking is their lack of fellow feeling and extreme disregard for our constitutional provision and the Justice system.

We find the hypocrisy in this call by the so called Ga Traditional Council extremely unfortunate and highly disgraceful to say the least. Not too long ago, Queens from the Ga state embarked on a sponsored procession of protest against Hon Kennedy Agyepong, the MP for Assin Central with the claim that he has insulted the Electoral Commissioner who is a woman. Kennedy Agyepong did not threaten the EC Chair with death, neither did he threatened to rape her yet this Ga Queens protested loudly and even presented a petition to parliament to have Kennedy Agyepong sanctioned.

We are therefore asking what has changed in this situation. Is the Chief Justice not a woman? How come that it is wrong to insult the electoral commissioner yet acceptable to insult and threaten a revered Chief Justice with rape? What we find highly unfortunate from the call of the so called Ga Traditional Council is the ethnicity of the CJ. The Chief Justice is a Ga woman, highly respected and revered in the Ga community. True Gas were extremely grateful and delighted when former President Kuffour appointed the first female Chief Justice from the Ga tribe. This was an honor that we Gas appreciated very much. For the Ga traditional council to support a group of hooligans who threaten this Ga Chief Justice with murder and rape shows how low these stomach Chiefs have descended to in order to satisfy their paymasters. Any loving Chiefs will rather protect their own daughter instead of giving her up to the wolves to devour.

We also want to set the record straight that Thomas Okine alias Nii Ayibonte who is going around as the Gbese Mantse is an imposter with no link to the Gbese stool. Several court decisions have upheld the legitimacy of Nii Okaidja 111 as the legitimate Gbese Mantse and the Adonten of the Ga State. Thomas Okine has absolutely no right to speak for Gas or represent Gas in any deliberation. We also want to set the record straight that there is a lot of litigation on the Ga-Mashie stool which has rendered the Ga Traditional Council highly unrepresented and immersed in endless controversies. Till a legitimate Ga Mantse is installed, we entreat all Ghanaians to treat any release from a so called Ga Traditional Council with the contempt that it deserves.

Finally, we want to assure our beloved Ga Sister the Chief Justice that we true Gas are solidly behind her and will defend her honor whenever the need arises. We urge her to ignore the calls from these imposters and strictly perform her duties as she has always done. We love her and are proud of her achievement as the first female CJ appointed from our tribe.

We also want to warn the N.D.C that Ghana has matured in her democracy and will never countenance any acts that will return the country to the period when Judges were abducted and murdered. We serve notice that any attempt to vilify, threaten and insult judges will be fiercely resisted. Ghana does not belong to the N.D.C and we will ensure that the path of democracy we have chosen is made to work.

Long Live Ghana!!
Long Live the Justice System
Long live Progressive Ga-Dangbe Patriotic Forum
Thank you.
Henry Nii Kpakpo Allotey (Convener-0243370764)
Bill Parawin(Publicity-0279521354)
Stephen Nii Adjetey Tawiah ( International Relations)