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GREAT TRUST Press Statement

GREAT TRUST Press Statement on the 60TH Anniversary of UN Declaration of Human Rights – 10th December 2008

“The Global Race Equality Action [GREAT] Trust deplores the global human rights situation – economically, politically, socially & culturally and urgently calls for a progressively radical approach by world leadership to manifest the fundamental human rights enshrined in the UN Declaration and restore the race equality and dignity of global citizens. The status quo is unsustainable, the reality check an indictment of human civilization and merit rectification with deliberate haste through new thinking, and a root and branch approach.

“On the 60th Anniversary of the Declaration, it is absolutely obscene that human civilization is overwhelmed by the degree of global poverty, disease, wars, political and economic disenfranchisement, underpinned by an unscientific hierarchy of races, all of which compromise the human rights of the world’s majority citizens. These facts stand at odds with the theme of the 60th Anniversary which states “Dignity and Justice for All of Us”. The reality is that for billions in the world, there is neither dignity nor justice. If there is any opportunity the 60th Anniversary presents, it is certainly not huge and lavish conferences and meetings amidst mass suffering and human violation, but an opportunity to examine why human civilization has not been able to guarantee the fundamental rights of global citizens, and come up with effective models of rectifying the appalling degrees of abuse.

“While we acknowledge some key achievements over the six decades since the UN Declaration such as conventions, treaties and legislation, decolonization and the demise of apartheid, empirical data portrays significant ineffective institutional response at various authority levels to the complicated and complex human rights abuses which require radical progressive change to salvage. The global human rights situation is so critical with the rise in far right fascist activities, the resurgence of scientific racism, xenophobia and racially discriminatory policies where countless human beings pay the ultimate price with their lives day in day out in consequence.

“To the extent that leaders of the world have seriously given consideration and effort but unfortunately without commensurate inroads means that the race equality and human rights agenda require a new vision and modalities to manifest the fundamental human rights of billions in the world. To the victims who are constantly at the receiving end of persistent human rights abuses, this amounts to the betrayal of trust vested in leadership. It is inconceivable that in the 21st Century, it has not been possible for the world’s resources to be directed at meeting the most fundamental needs of human beings above all – starting from basic needs to justify human civilization - food, clothing, shelter, employment, education, healthcare. We urge world leaders, politicians, researchers, other professionals & practitioners to put themselves in the shoes of the victims of human rights abuses and act conscientiously with new paradigms to resolve the human rights catastrophe that engulfs the world in our times.

“For the GREAT TRUST, it remains enigmatic that human beings are not sufficiently minded about human rights so as to prevent abuse, greater than that which we rightly and passionately extend to other species. We note that part of the paralysis is certainly that a lot of well resourced agencies though well intentioned, operate within the quagmire of orthodox models which while may have been effective in the pre-21st Century, have been rendered impotent and irresponsive to the needs of the 21st Century and beyond.

“These facts require the urgent need for new approaches, platforms, frameworks and paradigms to prevent, deter and effectively sanction racial abuse and fundamental human rights violations to make human dignity truly sacrosanct, regardless of the status of the perpetrators.

“We appeal to the United Nations, The Secretary General, powerful and influential global leaders – secular and ecumenical, international, regional, continental institutions and specialist agencies, think thanks etc to seize an opportunity to undertake a process of soul-searching, reflection and come out with workable change models to end the avoidable mass suffering of human beings. Only through this progressive approach can the 60th Anniversary of the UN Declaration theme “Dignity and Justice Become a Reality for All of US”. Whatever our faith and non, as we make preparations to end the year with our loved ones, let us not forget that there are billions who are destitute without human rights. Take a stand now and become part of a global renaissance for practical human rights starting with racial equality”.

Signed: Koku Adomdza London, United Kingdom. 10th December 2008

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Notes to Editors

The Global Race Equality Action Trust – GREAT Trust is a progressive think and doing tank that advocates for new platforms, schools of thought, approaches and solutions to race equality and human rights issues. While we salute the selfless contributions of genuine race equality and human rights champions from all walks of life, who often operate in difficult circumstances, we consider the untold human misery that engulfs the majority citizens of the world as an indictment of the inadequacies of the status quo that can no longer hold. Resistance to progressive change, fear of power and wealth-sharing, lack of vision and responsible leadership have blighted the necessary transformation required to consolidate the sacrifices and gains of yesteryears, prevent the necessary advancement of the race equality and human rights agenda, and above all threaten to roll back the successes of the past. The GREAT Trust signals and communicates the fierce urgency of time and hope to traverse this inertia. We call on all people over the world to stand up and fight for their fundamental human rights, reject the old approaches that have so abysmally failed to withstand the test of time and cowered in the phase of adversity, organise together on a new platform to effect progressive change and make the world a better, fairer, more equitable place.