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Press Releases of Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Source: Office of the PGPP Germany

Concerned pastors to face false pastors & prophets.

The image of Christianity is at stage. The youth have no orientation. Which Church is the best for them? They are full of fears. Right now Christianity is about materialism and proclamation of false prophesies and not the search for Salvation. It is going to be a very serious threat to the image of Christianity if the activities of such false pastors and so called prophets in Ghana are not checked. A group of concerned passionate pastors and professionals both in Ghana and in the Diaspora are coming to face them very soon.

Today, many false pastors and prophets are seriously fighting in Africa for finer things in life which could lead to frustration once their material wish list are unattained. How can they achieve this if not through the proclamation of false prophesies and teaching of false doctrines that can make them popular in the sight of ignorant Christians?

Example of this is when a popular Nigerian pastor with considerable Ghanaian followers recently ‘prophesized that, Ghana and Nigeria are going to be attacked by unknown terrorist groups at anytime. It can be on a Thursday, Friday or a Saturday, but was economical with the precise day. What type of prophesy is this? Since when did God revelled anything to his trusted prophet in the Bible without being precise and the prophet goes round telling the people that, God says perhaps this or that is going to happen but did not tell me when. A question the writer will like a sound minded person to ask this pastor is; where were his spirits when his own Church was about to collapse? Was his own acclaimed spirits then asleep or were on holidays? Where was he when “Boko Haram” was about to start their terrorism operation in his own country Nigeria?

Christianity is gradually becoming a national threat, and concerned clergies will not sit down and allow such false pastors and prophets to have the chance to instil fears in the minds of our youth, spew falsehood and get away with it. Today the salvation component is out in our preaching’s because Africans have allowed some false pastors and prophets to tell them that, they can even turn into a tree, water, birds, snakes or lions and they believe them. Something our Lord Jesus Christ during his time never did, or taught his disciples to practise things that are not from God. It is only pastors and prophets who are practising cultism or practising any sort of Witchcrafts can claim they can turn themselves into such images just to boast of their false spirituality with the sole aim to put fears and panic into ignorant people. Since the inception of Christianity, no pastor or prophet is reported to have turned himself into any of these images physically for people to see. Why now in our generation? What are their missions, if not to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor and ignorant people?
What are their missions, if not to deceive and destroy the people with their false teachings? The Bible says in 1 John 4:1 that: “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world”. Who are those prophets in the world is the Bible talking about? Your guess is as good as mine. We are challenging them to prove to the world if their acclaimed spirits are really from God?

Today most Ghanaian youth are frustrated, disillusioned and do not know how to defend themselves from these wicked and selfish pastors. For fear of intimidation, they do not know whom they have to blame. As a result, the concerned clergy have started their campaign to expose some of the weapons those charlatans parading in Ghana uses to create fear and panic in the people. Check the following link to know about some of the weapons they use to suppress their victims at:

Office of the PGPP