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GUM rallies citizens to register for new voter cards


Nii Okai
2020-06-30 11:10:15
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It is time to be more aware of people and what they have on mind than to judge unwisely by seeing tribe as a major factor to help make a good decision. Among your tribe people, do you want to tell Ghanaians that all of them are good like you may wish them to be? Of course NO. m
My simple advise is that try to know people very well before coming out to talk negative about them. Naturally if Ghana is on your heart you will not allow many foolish things that other Ashantis might have done allow you to conclude this way in your piece since all people are different in many ways, and therefore that is why it matters to know a person well before coming out to criticize him publicly. We want to build Ghana so contribute wisely to help achieve this goal that we need so much. I guess you made your statement out of some pain but be strong and talk wisely to help others who need wisdom to be back on the track of wisdom to join the good people in the building of our falling nation left without factories for the youth to work in to make their daily living.

I believe GUM is on the path of helping in the restoration of those needed factories. It is a reality that after Nkrumah was overthrown in 1966, all the factories were abandoned by all the governments that followed till today, so are you not happy to hear of a person [whether an Ashanti or your tribe man ] saying he is coming to restore those abandoned factories so that at least our people can get work to do to enable them have a happy home?

I may take the chance to address the other fellow Ghanaian by name HARRY who talks about MOVEMENT. What is the difference between movement and party? It is time we project better ideas and throw hatred away from our national matters if we want better future for ourselves and our children.

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06-30 04:19
Nii Okai
06-30 11:10