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Voting pattern must not influence journalism - Affail Monney


2020-06-29 14:00:34
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Voting pattern must not influence journalism - Aff

I think as a people from the region we need to re think seriously before a few disgruntled Anlos mislead us into doom. What do we want? Being born in the Volta region does not make you a member of the NDC which I am not with my rights. This is fundamental and should be clear to all and sundry. What if NDC is no more so does it mean there is no politics in the region? First of all what do we want? To be a member of NDC or to let each one thing and decide for him or herself to ideology for development. In history, this type of entrenched mentality had always led to self-destruction. In politics, you play your card in an intelligent way to get benefits. You don't openly always say as for me am this and that is all. You will always lose either way. So what does Volta region want? I always ask myself that question. Independence? VR cannot survive as a country; just look at Togo now. War? No way that is the end of the people into slavery, NDC to be in power always?, then that is not democracy, resources for development? then you have to align with where the resources are and not fight it. When it comes to party politics, why do NDC leaders believe that the Volta region is a political party or one tribe, one drunken head or a religion? Is being a Voltarian an automatic member of NDC? Why do they always bring the Region into disrepute? And who are those few people? They are Anlos with their peculiar characteristics completely different from Ewes. Anlos in general do not respect the Ewes. This is a fact. They don’t!. When it comes to their parochial selfish little minded interest, they say Volta region. In summary, there is a small clique of people from the South manipulating the region for their own greed and ridiculing the reason. We from Eweland, should know we are different from Anlos completely. God has blessed us and if we remove these parasites from misleading us we shall be a model for development. We have everything and deserve to be seen in that light better than what the anlos are painting the whole region to be. Just read this over again and you see the truth in this and not emotion. W need to wake up. Either they change and become reasonable which I doubt or we should strongly advocate for a region and give the Volta to them. They are the problems of the whole of the Volta regions underdevelopment.

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