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Ketu South brouhaha: 'We fear nobody, you've lit the fire and we're ready' – NDC Volta Caucus

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2020-06-29 15:08:53
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Re: Ketu South brouhaha: 'We fear nobody, you've l

Please , Zargarolo, your attempt to pitch Ghanaians against our Akim brothers would never work. Do not allow politicians whose families are in Canada ,UK, USA, etc to deceive you. Let them take their families to fight. Do not be deceived, Akims are loved by other Ghanaians in the same way they love others.
Ghana is bigger than any individual .
Again God blessed Akufo Addo with 76 years so if you hate to be 76 kindly pray to God to take you away before that time.
Akufo Addo is gaining more admirers as you continue to unjustly fight him.

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Re: Ketu South brouhaha....
06-29 15:08