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Ketu South brouhaha: 'We fear nobody, you've lit the fire and we're ready' – NDC Volta Caucus

Comment: NDC are always beating war drums!

2020-06-29 13:20:00
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Ketu South brouhaha: 'We fear nobody, you've lit t

The (P)NDC are always blurting about chaos, wars and unrest. Why did they not stay put in their army clothes and allow Ghanaians to do their word games politics?
No body in the NDC, from the voter to their flag bearer, can complete a single sane message without making reference to chaos, war and doom? We must not accept that.
The government should never bow to any intimidation or threat of chaos because there are more Ghanaians than Voltarians and if we are all to defend our constitution, we must. The Voltarians will always form a small minority of Ghana's population, so there is no way the country would be riuled on the whims and caprices of that small minority. The NDC people themselves, MPs and all, are admitting that non-Ghanaians are infiltrating the eastern border through unapproved routes. If the government acts on such information and stations security personnel at the borders, that action cannot be faulted by any ethical debate. Those ethnocentric people can go to hell! Ghana first!!

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06-29 12:46
NDC are always beating war drums!
06-29 13:20