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Your 'intransigent behaviour' doesn't befit the EC - Kwesi Pratt rebukes commissioners


Real Stephen Donkor, New York.
2020-05-31 02:07:51
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Your 'intransigent behaviour' doesn't befit the EC

Is Mr Kwasi Pratt, the cheapskate who was pictured enjoying a joy ride in the Presidential Jet — with his teeth so projected beyond every part of his body in that 2016 bombshell really intact upstairs? African politics is such a joke given how people like Pratt who was accused of having his name on pay roles of various government institutions during his bedfellow John Cribo Mahama’s administration considers himself as a free open minded, non prejudiced opinion leader. “Who would point to the road leading to his village with the left index finger instead of the right one”— according to an Akan adage? People like myself have absolutely no regards for Pratt based on the fact he only seems to be making noise for his own narrow parochial interests. And that explains why I described him as the “cheap skate”. Who wouldn’t want to be feasting in such grand style onboard the Presidents jet on the continuing basis? So Mr. Pratt shouldn’t think we don’t know why he keeps yelling at the top of his voice as if he means well for Ghana instead of himself and his Bole Bamboi armed robber! Kwasi Pratt and people like Manasseh Azure Frafra, Franklin Cudjoe, A-Plus the blackmailer should openly declare themselves as members of the NDC communications team.

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05-31 01:53
Real Stephen Donkor, New York.
05-31 02:07